LDS Dreams History, Aug 16, 1842

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-- Aug 16, 1842
Nauvoo, Illinois. In a letter to his wife, Emma Smith, Joseph Smith mentioned how he, through dream and vision, was persuaded against traveling to the Pine Country in Wisconsin. (1)

-- Dec 28, 1842
[Joseph Smith Diary] 28th Slept with sec[retary Richards] on buffalo [skin]. After retiring I [Joseph] stated that the purifying of the sons of Levi was by giving unto them intel[l]igence that we are not capable of meditating /on/ and receiving all the intel[l]igence which belongs to an immortal state. It is to[o] powerful for our faculties.
Started at 8 o'clock. (Sis[ter] Durphy's daughter tarried and Bro[ther] W[illia]m Smith, wife, and little daughter accompanied). Before starting Joseph related his [dream]. Was by a beautiful stream of water. Saw a noble handsome fish. Threw it out. Soon after saw more, threw them out and soon a great many and threw them out a great abundance, and sent for salt to salt them down and salted them.
Arrived at Rushville Bell Tavern by Mrs. Stevenson 3 P.M. 20 miles. After supper Joseph with a part of the co[mpany] spent the eve[ning] with Mrs. Brown. Joseph stated that to touch the Nauvoo Charter was no better than highway robbery. That since the creation there never had been a repeal of a perpetual charter by God, angels, or man and that he never would submit to lowering our charter but they might bring others up to it. After returning to the tavern, Joseph was measured 6 feet, Hiram 6 [feet], Hunter 6 [feet], Wilson Law 6 [feet], 3/4 in[ches], and Moffit 6 [feet], 1/2 [inches]. (2)

-- Jan 1, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] .... 3.3[0 P.M.] Elder Hyd[e] read Hymn 154 page and followed in prayer. Elder Taylor Read Rev[elation] 14 ch[apter] 6 and 7 verses. [Elder Taylor said,] "Some object to my text in Rev[elation] because it is so mysterious. Whatever is revealed is not a mystery. Blessed is he that readeth and might refer to the ministering of angels to Noah, Abraham, Ezekial, Paul, Peter, past.
"Old and New Testament is not the gospel, as a map is not the country it represents. It tells what the gospel is. Gospel is good news a savor of life to them that receive or the sabor [saber] of Death unto death to those who reject. Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation. Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel &c. These signs shall follow them &c., faith, Repenta[n]ce, Baptism, Laying on of Hands, certain officers, enough that we have it in the Bible can read of those things which were tong[u]es, dreams, &c. A man has a history of a feast in his pocket can read it in the wilderness to keep from starving." ... (2)

-- Jan 13, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] January 13th, Friday At home till near sun set when Bro[ther] Russel[l] called to see if $20 had been received. Said he put it in his brother's bag where both their monies were deposited and his bro[ther] said if there was $20 due the Church he must make it good.
Then went to Bro[ther] W[illia]m Marks to see Sophia who was sick. Heard her relate the vision or dream of a visit from her two brothers who were dead—Touching the associations and relations of another world. (2)

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