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-- Jul 25, 1840
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] A Dream. On the 25th of Oct I fel asleep & Dreamed I was at my Fathers house in Farmington Con. My father had Caught some fish. I thought I would go to fishing to. I went under the saw mill & the trench was full of pickerel. Father shut down the gates & the fish started to run down stream with the water. I run down to the bottom of the Island jumped into the trench, & caught a great many large fish with my hands as they came down. I then went to the mill & Brother Asahel Woodruff who has been dead two years came & broght many fish & showed me which he caught in the trench. We then commenced eating peaches with other friends & talked about & rejoiced in the glories of IMMORTALITY.
"The Rev. R. Aitken A.M. of London says, As the prophecies concerning the birth, life, & death, of our Lord were litterly fulfilled at his first Coming, to the division of his garments and to the casting of lots upon his vestures so evry prophecy & promise respecting his second Coming, throne, kingdom, reign judgment, power, with the Changes predicted in the world, elements, nature, condition of animals and the like, Shall be literally accomplished." Truth Una, Kila, Shile, Oshena.... (1)

-- Aug 28, 1840
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] .... I retired to rest & had an Interesting dream in ketching fish. ... (1)

-- Aug 31, 1840
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 31st We walked into the City & Called upon Mr Corner 52 Iron monger row, St Luke parish. While on our way we received a letter from sister Eliza Bromley. She stated She had a dream that we Should soon Baptize a man that would do much good. After reading the letter & ariving at Mr Corners, he went forward with us to a public Bath & was Baptized under the hands of Elder Kimball, & after returning to his house we all three laid our hands upon him & confirmed him which is the first man that has receved the work in the City of London as a seal of our ministry. We returned home & felt to thank God for his goodness in giving us one Soul. His wife manifested much interest in the work & thinks of Being Baptized Soon. Brother Corner has been a Watch maker nearly all his life. 7 m. (1)

-- 1840: 21 September
[Patriarchal Blessings] John C. Bennett. (Given by Hyrum Smith.)
"John C. Bennett--I lay my hands upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ, and inasmuch as thou art a son of Abraham, I bless you with the holy priesthood, ... His favor shall rest upon thee in dreams and visions, which shall manifest the glory of God. ... (2)

-- Oct 15, 1840
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 15th I arose refreshed by sleep but had a wait upon my mind, which has been upon me for many days the spirit of which manifests great trouble & persecutions of the Saints in general, throughout Europe & America & that many will fall away, that the U.S.A will rise against the church & that they will be driven from whare they are & that great trouble awaits the world universally.
I had a long conversation with Catherine the Prophetess upon these things while in Manchester. She spoke of many things past & to come, & among the many things she says Br J. Smith jr with his Councillors are on their way to England & will be here soon. She says my family suffer the most for clothing of any thing at present. She says my wife has many sorrowful hours & sighs much in my absens..... I spent the night at Elder Whittakers. Distance of the day 8 mile.
I had an interview with Sister Eliza Bromley during the afternoon, & she related to me the following vision which she had on the 8th inst:
Lane End Statfordshire Oct 8th 1840
At one oclock at noon there came a deep sleep upon me & I slept one hour. I was awoke with a hand touching me. I looked around me & saw one s a personage standing by the side of me clothed in linen. His face had the appearance of much meekness love & light. I said Oh. He Said fear not. He came & touched me with his hand. Then fear departed from me. I said doth the Lord love me so much? He said it is thy faith in the servents of the God of heaven. Though hast Clothed the Naked & fed the hungry & the God of heaven will feed thee forever & forever & the desire of thy heart shall be granted thee in Gods own time. No weapon shall prosper against thee for thou art sealed up unto the Lord.
Think it not strange when you see many fall away & some of the Elders of this Church for the Scriptures must be fulfilled. Many are Called but few are Chosen. Thou hast desired to see this day, & when thou goest to thine inheritants I will go with thee & take care of thee. One thing I say unto thee thou must not think because some will fall away from their stedfastness that they were not Called to their office. Some have desired their office & some will fall by their desires. See thou desire no one thing but that which is given thee from the father. If the Father gives a desire that will be the assurance of the gift, & as desire increases there will be the greater love to the servants of God. This is the mark the servants of God have to go by & is a mark Satan Cannot give.
Be patient in all things & humble in thy walk before the world & the Lord will make the a blessing to thy friends & enemies. Thy tears have come up before the Lord & are more in number than thine enemies. Thy tears shall Condemn many if they do not repent. Love all thy enemies as Christ loveth thee for this is the Law of God.
And I arose up & said I will, & he smiled & seamed as though he was going away. I said tell me sumthing els before you go. He smiled & said keep these from the world. I said must I not tell no one? He said thou wilt know by the spirit of God that is within thee who to tell. Thou hast asked for wisdom & it will be given thee. He turned around from me & a greater light overshadowed me & he disappeared.
Eliza Bromley (1)

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