LDS Dreams History, May 28, 1844

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-- May 28, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] .... We spent the night here. I had the following dream:
I was passing by my house with my cloak on & I saw Br Morgan & Harriett. I asked whare Mrs Woodruff was. The answer was in her room but she has company. I walked in to see her & found her in company with two females. It appeared like some of our friends from the east. I thought she appeared at first some unwell. I asked her how she did. She said I get along vary well. I told her I had not herd from her since I left home. She remarked I wrote you a letter day before yesterday which would have been on the 26th of May. I did not see the children. 35 mi. (1)

-- Jun 13, 1844
[Joseph Smith] The several brethren who were arrested by Bettisworth with Joseph take out writs of habeas corpus and are released. In the evening Joseph relates a dream in the Seventies Hall in which his enemies, Foster and Higbee, are symbolized as two large snakes who are locked together so tightly that they cannot get any power over Joseph. The dream also refers to the plans of William and Wilson Law being overcome.The Warsaw Signal carries a story about an anti-Mormon meeting held on the night of June 13 in which several resolutions are drawn up to immediately drive any sympathizers of the Saints from the state. The Signal's editor, Thomas C. Sharp, accuses Hyrum Smith of planning to destroy the Signal press and of threatening his own life. A committee is drawn up to "notify all persons in our township suspected of being the tools of the prophet to leave immediately on pain of instant vengeance." (2)

-- Jun 15, 1844. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] A.M. conversing with Dr. [Joseph] Wakefield and others in the Bar Room, telling a dream concerning his father killing a man who attempted to stab him. He also spoke concerning key words. The g[reat] key word was the first word Adam spoke and is a word of supplication. He found the word by the Urim and Thummim. (3)

-- Jun 24, 1844
[Joseph Smith] .... Dr. Richards records notes dictated by Joseph and Hyrum and addressed to their families. Joseph relates a dream he had in Kirtland in which his enemies tried to destroy him but ended up destroying themselves. ... (2)

-- Jul 16, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 16th As I arose in the morning Sister Phelps handed me two Letters one from [.] Snow and one from J. E. Page both Confirming the death of the Patriarch and Prophet Joseph & Hyram Smith. I immediately wrote three letters & sent to Brigham Young one to Peterboro N.H. one to Lowell & one to Brab-ford Mass. I then went to the Post Office & took out a letters directed to G. A. Smith written mostly by his wife. Mrs Woodruff wrote a few lines in it to me the first intelligence I had from her since I left home. She related the following dream that Joseph Smith had a few days before he sealed + his testimony with his blood, about Wm. & Wilson Law:
He thought they bound him and cast him into prision a pit or well as Joseph was anciently. He struggled hard & got up so he could look out & he saw the Laws a little distance off one of them in the hands /grasp/ of a tiger & the other a snake. They called to him to come & help them. He told them they had bound him & they could not. He thought a brother soon came along & took him out of the pit. +
I called upon Sister Voce 57 Temple St. Saw Sister Ruth Sayers who was with her. She also recieved a letter from her husband this day Dated Nauvoo June 30th & still confirmed the death of Joseph & Hiram Smith. Gave the whole particulars Concerning it. (1)

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