LDS Dreams History, Nov 11, 1839

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-- Nov 11, 1839
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 11 I spent the day at Mrs D Motts & in the evening I walked to Mr Jacob Brower & spent the night. A number of the family belonged to the Church.
I had a dream during the night & had an interview with Mrs Woodruff, But did not see Sarah Emma. I travelled a distance with Judge Higby in a hard storm in my dream. I also saw Br David Patten who was Martered in Missouri. (1)

-- Nov 28, 1839
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 28th I spent the day at Mr Tiltons & the night, & had a dream while upon my bed. And in my Dream I saw Mrs Woodruff & notwithstanding we rejoiced much at having an interview with each other yet our embraces were mixed with sorrow for after conversing a while about her domestic affairs I asked whare Sarah Emma was (our ownly Child). She Says weeping <and kissing me> She is dead. We sorrowed a moment & I awoke. Phebe Also said she had not received my letters.
Is this dream true? Time must determin. This dream was a warning of what was to come. Sarah Emma Died 17th of July AD 1840. (1)

-- .... There has been several dreams in the church concerning my wife during the last 10 days. First I dreamt I was in the middle of a garden full of ripe fruit and after bringing some home was going out again and my wife run up a hill before me and vanished out of my sight. Another night I dreamed that I was at Hodsons, Penwortham, amongst ripe gooseberrys as above. I felt like a single or unmarried person. Sister Dewsnup dreamed that she saw me at Hardmans with one child in great trouble and the child was crying for bread. I asked her to get it something to eat. While I went somewhere Sarah Crooks dreamed that one of the American brethren was talking and joking me about having a second wife and Sarah joked &c. She thought I had then a second wife. Sister C. [] says today she dreamed that I was [stopped] in the greatest trouble. My wife was either dead or near to dying and I had one child with me. Sister Jones dreamed same as Sister Dewsnup.
[William Clayton Journal] (2)

-- Jan 23, 1840. Thursday.
[William Clayton Journal] ... Sister Mary Hardman has dreamed about seeing my wife with her hair down upon her back all in disorder. She seemed in distress and was come to Manchester to seek me but I was gone to Burslem. No children with her. Took C at Brother [William] Broomes. Find them comfortable. ... (2)

-- Feb 3, 1840
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ....I had a view of John Brown's Journal 1833-1898, Vol.1, & it was a singular thing. 2d dream, wake, rise, dress, work, pray, eat, walk cloudy, rain, wind, dogs, birds, Drayman, potteries, Ladies, Coat, S[m..?]t Ducks, pigs, c[a?]ps, white pantloons, funeral, Ladies carrying corps, Gentleman walking before, groceries, Twelve colliers fall 756 feet into way pit killed dead, dogs, Bacon, Bread, police men, preach, O. Hide Timely warnings cat, walk, gas lights, Thorn Headge, Scotch Soldiers, s[hirts?] feathers, bear legs, war with china, cat, pray, undress, by dawn, Sleep, Dream, 265, Market place, Hanly.... (1)

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