LDS Dreams History, Jan 10, 1841

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-- Jan 10, 1841
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...Sister Redman thinks it is the hand of God to bring her to London to help rool on the work of God in this city. She has tried to find us many days, but no one would tell her. On Saturday night she dreamed if she would go to Goswell Road she would see two women & if she followed them it would lead her to the place of meeting. She did so & herd my voice while I was speaking & came into meeting & communed with us. It was a joyful meeting indeed.
She had a vision a few nights since of being called before her Majesty, the Queen Victoria & confined in London Tower because of her religion.
After meeting Sister Redman took some refreshment with me & attended meeting with me in the evening & I accompanied her home to her family, which was at 24 Alderman Bury. I saw her Children. (I red her some of My wife's letters. She was much pleased with them.)
Sister Redman has traveled the world much. She has traversed the East Indies, & other parts of the world, has been Ship wrecked Several times, taken once by the Indians once by pirates. She is firm & unmoved in the great cause in which she is ingaged.
My Prayer is that Peace health & Strength may rest upon her & her Children & may the Lord make her useful. O Lord work by whome thou wilt but work & send by whom thou wilt but send, that thy cause may roll on in this city & to thee O Lord shall be all the glory.
Mr Album informed the people he should soon be a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints & wished others to Join. (1)

-- Jan 15, 1841
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... We eat a supper of Sprats with sister Morgan. They were small fish 2 Inches long & I fell a sleep & dreamed of Cetching fish many large ones with my hands. I thought I told my Dream to a man who was putting up a gate post & he told me the interpretation was for me to make hast & Baptize as many as I Could in London, & organize & set in order the Church, Seal up my testimony in the City & return home in the Spring. (1)

-- Feb 1, 1841
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Febuary 1st I received 2 letters one from G. A. Smith one from Eliza Bromley containing a remarkable dream. I also Coppied into my Journal of 1840 a vary singular dream of the late Dr. Philip Doddridge. I wrote a letter to sister Jennetta Richards. (1)

-- Feb 23, 1841
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I had many Dreams at night. On one occasion I was Preaching on a plain with another Brother to a large Congregation of Saints who surrounded us when on a Sudden An army of men appeared against us & we all fled to our village which lay a little Distance of. We had a little boy & travling bag to carry to the city for safety. Before I reached the city I awoke. I again fell asleep & the house whare I was, I thought was surrounded by a mob. We put our property out of their way & they soon Dispersed. I then Dreamed of seeing a prisioner of annother Tongue bound in Irons to be executed. About 20 of his own nation came around him & kneeled down & spoke in their own language. (1)

-- Jun 15, 1841
Letter, Orson Hyde to Joseph Smith Smith, London: "I retired to my bed one night ... the vision of the Lord, like clouds of light burst into my view. The cities of London, Amsterdam, Constantinople, and Jerusalem, all appeared in succession before me; and the spirit said unto me, 'Here are many of the children of Abraham whom I will gather to the land that I gave to their fathers; and here also, is the field of your labors. Take therefore proper credentials from my people, your brethren, ... and go ye forth to the cities which have been shown you, and declare these words unto Judah, and say. 'Blow ye the trumpet in the land: cry, gather together, and say, assemble yourselves and let us go into the defended cities. Set up the standard towards Zion ..." (2)

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