Dreams in LDS History, Aug 19, 1844

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-- Aug 19, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...A letter was read directed to Dr Richards and some dreams rehearsed one of which I told as follows: I met with Br Joseph Smith in the Congregation of the Saints. He had his old Hebrew and Jerman Bible, and preached to the Saints. B[ut] he seemed to be to thronged by the people and he rose up lifted up a curtain and passed into another room where the people could not distirb him and there he was going to teach the people. (1)

-- Oct 4, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I rode on to Simsbury & stoped at Aunt Cossetts. She was deranged I lade hands upon her and rebuked the Spirit by which she was bound & she immediately seemed to be some better. I took the parting hand with the whole family & rode to Elder Ashbel Deweys Little river near westfield. 30 miles.
I retired to rest and had the following dream: I thought their was A large building standing in Nauvoo Joining my house. Appeared to be filled with lumber and many men to work in it. I saw the foundation of it begin to give way. I run in to warn the people to leave it but it fell with a mighty crash while I was in it. I narrowly escaped being killed, but got out without injury. I then saw my own dwelling brick house in Nauvoo the foundation of it to give way. I went into that to warn my family to leave it but it fell with us in it but I got out & my wife with her child in her arms all safe. The interpetation I shall understand before many days. (1)

-- Oct 12, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I had Conversation with Br Whitmore. He related A dream to me as follows: He had prayed to God to let him see Joseph in a dream. And he fell asleep And dreamed that he saw the heavens opened and deheld some of the things of eternity. He saw a personage arise out of the earth, and An Elder informed him that it was Joseph Smith. Joseph did not speak to him but droped some slips of paper on the ground from whence he rose. Br Whirmore picked up one of them & read the following words: (Emma is not worthy of me.) He wished to read the others but the person with him picked them up & put them in his pocket & did not let him read them.... (1)

-- Oct 14, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 14th I done up my package of letters to Nauvoo in a rapper & directed it [to] Brigham Young & put it into the hands of Elder Wingate Containing $13 dollars in all. I spent the night at Br Phelps, And dreamed of being in the midst of rattle snakes. I had power to kill them. A few nights previous I saw a monster of a serpent. Tried to kill me but had no power. (1)

-- Oct 19, 1844. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] Â…Last night I dreamed I was in a rich building in a very pleasant place. I thought I was married to Brother [Alpheus] Cutlers youngest daughter and she seemed as happy as an angel and I felt full of joy and peace. I thought I had received Miss Cutler in addition to those I had already got. When I awoke I felt disappointed and felt to pray in my heart O God if it be thy will give me that woman for a companion and my soul shall praise thee but thy will be done and not mine . . . Sister [Ann] Booth tells me that Sara Ann [Whitney] is very unhappy and wants to see me she says Jane Charnock is perfectly unhappy and if there is any way she can be loosed she wants me to take her. Mary Aspen is ready to unite to me as her savior and Sister Booth says she shall not risk her salvation in Roberts [Booth] hands and wants me to interfere. We had considerable conversation on many subjects and felt pretty well. (2)

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