History of the Word of Wisdom, Dec 2, 1894

-- Dec 2, 1894
[Francis M. Lyman] [Kaysville] Bro[ther] Richards talked an hour endorsing fully my advice on politics. He said if any of the Saints felt that they could not live without a little tea they could use it a little and it would be all right. This came so in conflict with the late instructions upon the Word of Wisdom that it made a visible sensation among the people. I then spoke 30 minutes and held that none of the Saints would die if they left off their tea. They would not only live without it but would be healthier and happier. I held if excuses were made it should be in favor of the young and not the old. The longer we live the better we should be. Bro[ther] Richards went home to Ogden ... (1)

-- Apr 4, 1895
[Apostle Brigham Young Jr. Diary] ... Had sacrament, good pure wine & bread. (2)

-- Apr 9, 1895
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] At the meeting with the Presidency today there were several of the apostles present and we discussed the propriety of Pres[iden]t Woodruff sign the petition to the Constitutional Convention asking that a plank prohibiting the sale of liquors be inserted in the Constitution. It was decided that he better sign the petition. (3)

-- May 7, 1895
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] 7 We the Presidency took Cars & Rode to Ogden & Met with the Power Company & learned that the opposition Company had stoped our Company Crossing the River to their work. We all went up the Canyon And after Conversing with Leaders they settelled the Matter for the present. We went up the Canyon to the Place whare Mr Rhoades Men are at work. We returned to Ogden & Returned to Salt Lake. 95 Mil.

On my arival at the farm I found My Grand Daughter Phebe C Scholes on a Bysickle was run over by a 2 Horse waggon driven by a Drunken Man. She fell between the Horses. Did not Break any bones but bruised her up. Broke her Bysickle to peaces. (4)

-- Jul 6, 1895
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] [Helps secure lease of Salt Lake Foundry for John Mc Lean, backs him some with collateral for a note.] I visited the room where the apostles meet and I prayed to the Lord to bless and assist the business that Bro[ther] McLean has entered into as it will be the means if successful of making employment for some of our people. [Grant to have a third interest in the profits; doesn't expect much] perhaps nothing I shall be satisfied if the business shall be able to meet its expenses and furnish some employment. [Learned McLean was drunk a good part of time since.] (3)

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