History of the Word of Wisdom, Thursday, Jul 12, 1883

-- Thursday, Jul 12, 1883
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Copenhagen, Denmark

Warm and pleasant. I had to take of[f] my shirts and drawers. I received a letter from P. F. Goss giving me routes through Germany.

Bro. Fieldsted gave me a nice pair of shoes. This evening we visited Tivoli gardens where we had a splendid time. We saw three women one man and a boy ride a Bycicle. We got a nice idea of Danish life and manners. In this country they make all drunkards and vagrants work on the streets and earn their own living. When a man gets in that gang he cannot get out without some wealthy man vouching for him. I had my Photo taken today. (1)

-- Friday, Jul 13, 1883
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Copenhagen, Denmark

We went to the Races some ten miles away from the City. The king and Queen and the crown Prince were present, the track was nice and thousands of people were present. They drank beer, smoked and enjoyed themselves but were not drunk nor given to rowdyism. I enjoyed myself very much and returned to the City well pleased. (1)

-- Monday, Aug 6, 1883
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Stuttgart to Schauffhausen, Switzerland

We left at 7 a.m. and traveled through a most lovely country, being fine Wooded hills and valleys covered with Rich crops of grain. We reached Schauffhausen in Switzerland about 9:30 p.m. and put up with a Bro. Hagg.

We held meeting with the Saints in the evening. 15 persons present. I drank a glass of wine tonight for the purpose of finding what the people use. (1)

-- Sep 23, 1883
[Sermon] Charles W. Penrose: Elders Always Ready for Duty - No Salaried Preachers in the Church - No Compulsion in the Work of the Elders - The Liberty of Law - Sin Brings Its Penalties, Righteousness a Sure Reward - Assumption of Divine Authority - Restoration of the Ancient Priesthood - Religion in Politics - The Secret Ballot - The One - Man - Power - The Liquor Traffic - Civil and Religious Freedom for All - The Effects of this Work on the World, JD 24:302 - 313 (2)

-- Sep 28, 1883
John Taylor re-establishes School of the Prophets in obedience to revelation exactly five months earlier. "A number" of First Presidency and apostles "confessed to breaking the Word of Wisdom" and vote to obey it. However, this vote does not apply to wine which members of School of Prophets drink by glassful a their meeting on Oct. 12. (3)

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