History of the Word of Wisdom, Monday, Mar 5, 1883

-- Monday, Mar 5, 1883
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

The Elders met together and we spoke to each other. I gave some instructions on our duties in the Priesthood and warned the brethren against evils of various kinds. We had a good time together. Bros. Alder and Green returned to Bristol.

In the evening we walked to Cefn and held meeting in the Temperance Hall. It was well filled with people, and the audience were quiet. Bro. R.ich and myself spoke and we enjoyed good liberty. After meeting we returned to Merthyr. (1)

-- Mar 7, 1883
[Sermon] Moses Thatcher: Synopsis of a Temperance Lecture, Prohibition Advocated - Effects of Drunkenness Illustrated, Statistics, Etc., JD 24:16 - 20 (2)

-- Apr 7, 1883
[Sermon] Moses Thatcher: A Comparison - Wrath of Man Made to Praise God - Fall of Senator Edmunds - Fate of Those Who Oppose God's Work - Persecution for Religion Unavailing - Case of the Huguenots - Intemperance - Startling Statistics - Drink, the Cause of Other Evils - Appeal to the Saints, JD 24:110 - 116 (2)

-- Monday, May 7, 1883
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Liverpool

Bro. G. C. Lambert and I visited the Police court and saw the judge pass sentence on a number of poor drunken vagabonds of both men and women in about equal numbers. One of the women had been before the court, this was the 44th time. (1)

-- May 19, 1883
[Sermon] John Taylor: Duties of the Latter - Day Saints - How Children Should Be Trained - An Academy for Sanpete - The Kind of Teachers to Select - Education Advocated - Intemperance Condemned - Sin to Be Exposed - Unworthy Men not to Be Sustained in Office - Example of a Darkened Mind - Providence Over the Saints, JD 24:166 - 172 (2)

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