History of the Word of Wisdom, Monday, Feb 22, 1892

-- Monday, Feb 22, 1892
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Washington, D.C.

I returned to Washington and found Mr. C. W. Bennett intoxicated. The people of this City celebrated Washington's birthday. I received a telegram from W. H. Rowe. See Caine's Cypher. Salisbury says in addition to Clarkson's influence get personal friends of Russell B. Harrison to get him to telegraph Governor urging appointment mentioned in my letter of ninteenth. (1)

-- Mar 19, 1892
[Apostle Abraham H. Cannon Journal] Started for Cedar City in an old stage coach, called a "Jerky," which was convenient but not very easy riding. Our driver, Bro. Uriah Leigh, was drunk, but succeeded in taking us through with care and in good time. (2)

-- Apr 12, 1892 (Tuesday)
The Salt Lake City council refused to enforce the city ordinance forbidding saloon-keepers to sell liquor on Sunday. (3)

-- Jul 9, 1892
A directive is issued by the St. George Stake Presidency to abandon wine in favor of water in sacrament services. (4)

-- Jul 13, 1892
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] 13 I received a Letter to day from G Q. Cannon who gave me an Account of the Manner they had 3 times escaped Destruction while Journeying on the Rail Road.

I met with 9 of the quorum of the Apostles & partook of the sacrament with them of Bread & wine. I met with Elders Budge & Frank Cannon. I Also met with James Sharp, T. G. B[obbury?] A Rail Road Agent or Assistant general Manager Mr Dickinson. (5)

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