History of the Word of Wisdom, Tuesday, Feb 14, 1882

-- Tuesday, Feb 14, 1882
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

Today a Territorial Liquor bill came up and I endorsed it aside from a provision that diverted the revenue from the cities to a general school fund.

6 p.m. the City Council met and the business of the evening transacted. Hon. William Jennings was sworn in as Mayor and Mayor Little expressed his regret at seperating from his old associates. Hon. J. F. Smith responded in words of friendship and regard. After adjournment all of the city officers visited Mayor Little at his home and many good remarks were made congratulating him on his success as mayor of this city. (1)

-- Apr 12, 1882
DESERET NEWS editorial comment: "Our readers ought to be able to draw a clear distinction between the advertising and editorial columns of this paper. . . .If a liquor dealer advertises his wares, we do not endorse liquor drinking." (2)

-- Sunday, Apr 23, 1882
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Nephi, Juab County

[stake conference]

2 p.m. The people took a vote that they would not fellowship any man who sold liquor or who patronized outside saloons.

Four persons were cut of[f] from the Church and three were suspended. (1)

-- Apr 23, 1882
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] After noon. Sacrament Administered. Presidet Teasdale Presented the Subject of Brethren selling and using Strong drink and a vote was taken not to sustain any man in the Priesthood who made a business of selling Liquor or freequenting those places for drinking Strong drink. (3)

-- Aug 6, 1882
[Sermon] John Taylor: The Temple at Logan - The Liquor Traffic - Church Organization - Duties of Its Officers - Treatment of Transgressors - An Interesting Anecdote and Its Moral - Various Offices and Callings of the Priesthood, Etc. - The Guidance of God - Honor Due to His Priesthood - Growth and Progress of God's Work - Its Opposition By the World - The Regeneration of the Lamanites and General Salvation of Man, JD 23:215 - 224 (4)

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