History of the Word of Wisdom, Jul 16, 1884

-- Jul 16, 1884
Death by self-inflicted morphine overdose of Lavina Triplett Careless, famous Utah singer and wife of Professor George Careless, director of Mormon Tabernacle Choir. (1)

-- Mon. Dec. 22nd 1884
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] Abram & Geo. Q. go to Ogden to stop & visit Frank (Geo. Q., Abram, John Q. & Frank have all joined into one stock company, 'Cannon & Sons'). "Frank was not in the store when we entered but came in soon afterwards, and, judging from his strange actions and the smell of his breath, he had been drinking . . . my confidence in Frank received a severe shock this evening." (2)

-- Wednesday, Dec 24, 1884
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Bern, Switzerland

Bro. F. Schoenfeld had provided a good dinner for all of us at the Emmenthaler Hof and all hands enjoyed it. We held a meeting in the evening. Bros. J. A. Smith, F. Schoenfeld and I did the speaking. I told Bro. Schoenfeld that he and the Elders must obey the Word of Wisdom. (3)

-- Feb. 26th 1885
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] A. Cannon received a phone message from Mattie Cannon (wife of Frank in Ogden) saying she didn't know where Frank was and asked Abram & John Q. to help. They found out "that he was seen with a rather loose crowd last night." Later, after the theatre, "I saw Frank in the parquette, and as he went out I followed and spoke to him. He was nearly drunk and was loth to speak to me. He promised to return home in the morning. (2)

-- Feb. 27th 1885
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] saw Frank on the train. "Frank smelt strongly of liquor. His appearance would indicate that he had been up all night carousing.," (2)

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