History of the Word of Wisdom, Nov. 6, 1885

-- Nov. 6, 1885
President Joseph E. Taylor read a letter which he had received from Pres[ident] M[arriner] W. Merrill, who presides in the Logan Temple, naming as qualifications to be possessed by those who desire the blessings of God's House. That they should be tithe payers, attenders of Fast meetings, and donators to temples; observers of the Sabbath day, firm believers in plural marriage, etc. The bishops were instructed to question, very closely, all applicants who desired to go to the "House of God." The following being among the questions: Do you attend all the public meetings of the Saints: Do you observe the Word of Wisdom according to the meaning and spirit thereof; pay tithing, donate to the poor, etc.? [The bishops were] not to recommend any young m[a]n for ordination to the Priesthood who does not observe the word of Wisdom. Have you committed any grievous offences by breaking the laws of God? Have you lived the life of a Saint and preserved your chastity? Have you had any crimi
nal intercourse with the opposite sex? The Bishops were instructed not to recommend any person to any Temple unless they answered all questions in a satisfactory manner. If applicants perjured themselves then they were amenable to God for their acts. The subject of the celestial law of marriage was dwelt upon. It was shown that the faithful must live it, otherwise they could not attain to a fulness of glory. The Lord has said that "it is not meet that men who have not observed this law should preside over His Priesthood." [Minutes, Special Bishops' Meeting, Nov. 6, 1885] (1)

-- Dec 14, 1885
[J.D.T. McAllister Diary] Question concerning drinking

10 A.M. at High Council. M. Stack Jr D.P. Lamb and their wives cases before us. Also MCA McFadens and Benjamin Gray and the wine question. setting and drinking it. was there over 21 hours. (2)

-- During Mar. 3rd 1886
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] Since getting out of the pen, Frank "has been on a disgraceful drunk." (3)

-- May 28th, 1886
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] complaints of bad coffee, sour bread, and tough radishes, and lettuce covered with worms. (3)

-- Jul 17, 1886
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] .. We highted up & Started for Grand Park. On the way Clara was taken Deadly sick. We had to travel over vary rough ground vary rocky roads and one Mile of vary rough C[......] R[..] road Built By governmet. It was vary severe On Clara. We had to stop & make a fire heat water & soak her feet and gave her hot Composition tea.... (4)

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