History of the Word of Wisdom, Jul 16, 1895

-- Jul 16, 1895
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] 16th Most of the passengers are out watching the unloading of the vessels. The custom house officers detected several cases of smuggled liquor. Most of the passengers went on shore to visit the town. I went over considerable of the town, but found it hard work to walk. I wrote a note to Asahel, while Blanche wrote to Naomi. We went through the greatest stamp mill in the world; 240 stamps not more than 3 to $5.00 a ton. The noise was so great that no one could hear a word spoken. I brought home a piece of the ore that they work. The weather was a little rough a part of the day. (1)

-- Aug 8, 1895
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] Thursday. Attended Quorum meeting. First Presidency met with us at 11 a. m. After Circle prayers we partook of the sacrament of bread and wine. I sat for photograph, life size, for the Salt Lake Temple at Brother C. R. Savage's art gallery. It was decided by the First Presidency and Twelve that it was not a good thing for women to register and vote at the coming fall election; they thought it would endanger Statehood. (2)

-- Sep 16, 1895
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] Monday. At the last meeting of the Conference I called upon the Relief Societies of Malad Stake for 100 yards of homemade carpet for the Logan Temple, to be ready for use on July 1st, 1896, and then I spoke 70 minutes on the saving of grain and keeping at least 1 year's bread ahead, the Word of Wisdom, living pure lives, etc. I took Olonzo, my son, with me to attend this Conference and he occupied 40 minutes at the morning meeting today. (2)

-- Oct 1, 1895
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] At ten attended a meeting of the Apostles in the Temple. Pres[iden]t Lorenzo Snow, and apostles Richards, Young, Thatcher, Lyman, Smith, Teasdale, Grant, Merrill and Cannon were present. [Much on meat in Word of Wisdom.] After the remarks of Bro[ther] Brigham (Richards and Snow and been lengthy too) we adjourned for a couple of hours as it was suggested that too long meetings might wear brother Moses out. . . . (3)

-- Nov 9, 1895
[Francis M. Lyman] I watched for Alma Greenwood all day but he was out of town. I heard he was drinking with James Melville yesterday. Politics has stirred up much bad feeling among the Democrats and they feel very uncomfortable. I had a confidential talk with Pres[ident] Hinkley and C. Anderson upon politics. (4)

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