History of the Word of Wisdom, Monday, Dec 11, 1882

-- Monday, Dec 11, 1882
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Liverpool

It is very cold. I was reading and writting part of the day. I received letters from Josephine dated Dec. [November?] 26th. All were well at home. I also received a letter from Prest. Jos. F. Smith in which he gave me the information that James Urie had been drunk all the way across the planes and had disgraced the whole church by his exhibitions while traveling. (1)

-- Dec 14, 1882
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 14 I received 3 letter from Lot Smith and C[lark/hurch?] Allen Foster. The following is an extract from Br Fosters letter:

We had a vary interesting report from Br C L Christiansen about the spirit that is working among the Lamanites of Late. ...It is plain to be seen that there is a good spirit at work with the Lamanites for when they Come around they show it and it is growing in them. They say that they know that there is a Better spirit with the Mormons than with the Americans. They say they do not hear the Mormons sware and get Drunk and fight and abuse them as the Americans do. There is a good Many more of them visiting us than usual. (2)

-- Tuesday, Dec 26, 1882
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Jane Pond told me this morning that Mary J. Nowlan told her that she found Bro. Carrington laying on the lounge and Sarah Kirkman lying on top of him. On board of one of Guions steamers in the cabin and in the presence of G. Ramsden and Moroni Brown and others Sarah Kirkman put her arms around Bro. Carringtons neck and laid her head upon his bosom.

He took this same woman to London paying her way, and they were gone 9 days. She stoped in the prayer room evenings and they drank beer and had good times together. She bit his nose untill it was red for several days. They played on the floor like children and he kissed and cudled her. He gave her his bed and slept upon the lounge when their were plenty of beds in the house, and when he was wanted he could not be found although he was in the House. These last statements were given me by R. R. A. and must be taken with a grain of allowance.... (1)

-- Sunday, Dec 31, 1882
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] ...Bro. David Burnett spoke 30 minutes on various subjects and I spoke upon the history of Joseph Smith for one hour and ten minutes. Bro. McKay spoke a few minutes. I closed by blessing the saints.

Drunkenness and sexual sins are the prevalent crimes of Scoff and.

The Lord was with [us] by his spirit today and the Elders were filled with testimony.

The Saints say it was the best conference ever held in Glasgow.... (1)

-- During 1882
(Frank J. Cannon) Spared excommunication for fathering an illegitimate child only through a reluctant public confession. For years afterward, Cannon continued his drunken sprees at Kate Flint's brothel in Salt Lake City. (3)

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