History of the Word of Wisdom, Jul 2, 1887

-- Jul 2, 1887
First Presidency Secretary L. John Nuttall writes of President John Taylor: "The President is much the same as he has been the past two or three days. He takes no food, he is entirely sustained by stimulants [wine and beer]." Taylor dies three weeks later on Jul 25. (1)

-- Jul 5, 1887
L. John Nuttall, President John Taylor's secretary, records: " Pres. Taylor arose early this morning, and dressed and sat with his clothes on most of the day. He said he was some better and felt quite hopeful. He, however, don't eat anything Sister Pricilla Jennings sent a letter accompanied by two bottles of homemade wine to the President. He tasted the wine and seemed to enjoy it." (1)

-- Jul 23, 1887
L. John Nuttall writes of President John Taylors condition: "Prest. Taylor had a very bad night. Appeared to have some pain. His tongue is swelled & he has some canker in his mouth. . . . He is declining, merely sips a little brandy & water at intervals." Taylor's two counselors, George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith send a telegram to leaders in Provo: "The precarious condition of President Taylor's health, suggests to us that elaborate festivities and rejoicings are not what the Saints should indulge in on the approaching 24th as they would be inappropriate under the circumstances." (1)

-- Aug 11, 1887
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 11 I signed 15 Recommends & wrote 2 Letters to Jak[se?] Emma Brockbank. I receivd Letters from Daniel Harrington Roskelley. (I signed 15 Recommends.) Letter from Hannah Thatcher 2. Fred Hop was Executed in the Penetentiary yard to day at 12.35. The whole procedings published in the Deseret News of Aug 11.

I met with the Twelve to day. We made appropriation for Manti Temple of $5,000, $300 for J P Christofferson $150 for Th[ale?]s Haskel & $50 a Month for Margarett J Young.

I wrote Letters to Sarah & H Grow P. J. Christoffer & Hannah & Merrill Total 8. (2)

-- Thursday, Feb 16, 1888
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

I met with Bros. Woodruff, Richards, Cannon, Wells, Grant and some of the members of the Council of the Legislature in regard to making concessions to the governor and decided more should be made.

W. H. Dusenberry and John W. Turner of Provo met with Bros. Woodruff, Richards, Cannon, Wells, and myself and we talked over the licensing of the Whiskey business in Provo. No conclusion arrived at. (3)

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