History of the Word of Wisdom, Oct 2, 1894

-- Oct 2, 1894
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] ... Isaac Trumbo to occupy the Gardo House. He had heard that it was the intention to have him receive and entertain visitors. He standing as a representative friend of our people and he did not think that he was the kind of a man to represent us as a people. He had found a better feeling among the saints and thought that there was an improvement for the better, but he had been pained to learn that some of the sisters had been using drugs to prevent having children and this he felt was a fearful thing and should be talked of in the Priesthood meetings (1)

-- Oct 4, 1894
[Thomas A. Clawson Diary] "The main theme this conference has been on the Word of Wisdom and when Prest. Woodruff got up he administered a most stinging rebuke to Patriarch John Smith for failing to observe that counsel given by the Lord in the Word of Wisdom." (2)

-- Oct 7, 1894
Wilford Woodruff instructs conference priesthood meeting that all presiding officers should live Word of Wisdom, and he threatens to drop Presiding Patriarch John Smith for office if he continues using tobacco and alcohol. (3)

-- Oct 18, 1894
Apostle Francis M. Lyman records: "Oct 18, 1894:] I talked with Pres[ident] Snow upon the Word of Wisdom. He does not seem to look upon it so seriously as some of us do. " (3)

-- Nov 10, 1894
[Francis M. Lyman] [Deseret] [Bishop Moody had been called to apologize for challenging Brother Western's vote at election because he was a polygamist living with his wives] [Conference] I taught them upon our status in relation to plural marriage. A man is not an adulterer because he lives with his plural wife. We must protect one another. Never betray a brother. All concluded to do right in the future ... Bro[ther] Grant spoke splendidly for an hour upon the Word of Wisdom and politics. There was much Republicanism in his Democracy. (4)

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