Lorenzo Snow, 11 August 1883

-- 11 August 1883
[Death of child] Death of Child Cora Jean Snow (mother: Sarah Minnie Ephramina Jensen) (1)

-- September 28-29, 1883
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] Friday morning met at Prest Taylor's office and voted in connection with my brethren of the Twelve and their counselors to sustain Prests Taylor Cannon and Smith as members of the School of the Prophets. Our quorum then adjourned to the Historian's office--Wilford Woodruff--Lorenzo Snow, Erastus Snow, Franklin D. Richards-Brigham Young-Albert Carrington, Moses Thatcher, John W. Young-Daniel H. Wells and myself were Present--Chas. C. Rich is at home sick-John Hy Smith in England on a mission-Francis M. Lyman in San Juan Stake visiting the Saints-George Teasdale in Indian Territory on a mission-All of the brethren present confessed their faults and failings commencing at Prest Woodruff and ending with Counselor Wells--each one speaking in the order of his standing in the Quorum--At 1230 we adjourned until 130 p.m. --About 5 p.m. all had finished and we had voted on each man separately to give him our full fellowship and to sustain him as a member of the school of the Prophets--A number of the brethren confessed to breaking the Words of Wisdom--I was thankful that I was not one of the number that had to confess.


-- Jan 11, 1884
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 11 I wrote 4 Letters to Bishop Farrell. Sent an order for 20 tons of Hay for himself. I included a letter to Sarah & sent her a Card to return. I wrote to Susan & sent her $5 for her own use. Lorenzo Snow Called at our house and gave an Account of his great family Gathering that is to be. I wrote to Phillip Boyer on sealing. See Copy Book. (3)

-- May 17, 1884
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] May 17 I Met in the Temple at 10.30 in Logan to attend to the Dedication of the same. We met in the Main upper Room for that Purpose. Doors were open + at 10 oclke and the people were permited to Enter upon showing a ticket of Admission. About 1,500 persons were admitted.

The Priesthood occupied the Stands. The first Presidency occupied the upper Stand in the west End G Q Cannon the North side J. F. Smith the south President Taylor the Centre. W Woodruff occupied the North seat with G Q Cannon L Snow the south by the side of J F. Smith. The quorum of the Twelve Apostles occupied the side seats North of the upper Stand The Patriarch the South the seventies the North of the Stand, below the Twelve. The Presidency of the Stake occupied the Stand Below the first Presidency. The Presidets of the Elders Quorum occupied the lower Stand at the west End. The Bishops & Aaronic Priesthood occupied the west Stand. Meeting Commenced at 10.30. Presidt John Taylor read the Dedicatory Prayer. Temple Hymn Sung. The Prayer is published in the various Papers of the day.

While attending the Dedication of this Temple, The reflection Came upon me of the many hours I had spent in Prayer in my Early manhood in Calling upon God to permit me to live in the Earth to see the Church of Christ Esstablished and a people raised up who would receive the Ancient Gospel and Contend for the faith once deliverd to the Saints. The LORD Promised me that I should live to find the People of God and have a Name & a place [within his] walls, & within his House, A name Better than of sons or of Daught[ers] a Name that should not be Cut off And I to day rejoice in having a Name with his people and assist in the Dedication of Another Temple to his most Holy Name. Praise be unto God and the Lamb forever.

G Q Cannon spoke 15 M, Joseph F Smith 20 M W Woodruff 20 who said [ ]. Lorenzo Snow spoke 20 M. Presidet Taylor had all the People Stand up and gave a shout of Hosannah to God and the Lamb repeated 3 times. There were about 1,600 people Present.

Met again at 2 oclok. Prayer By A M Cannon. Jacob Gates spoke 18 M, F D Richards 30 m E Snow 24 M. Joseph F Smith spoke 20 M. Presidet Taylor spoke upon the Paymet of the Temple. I went to Smithfield and spent the night But Suffered through the night with a Cold. 8 Miles. (3)

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