Lorenzo Snow, Apr. 1877

-- During Apr. 1877
John Taylor: Condemned by Brigham Young during dedication of St. George temple Apr. 1877 for opposing communal United Order, relieved of apostolic duties until confessed error, and refused until persuaded by Apostle Lorenzo Snow (1)

-- 1877, August 29
President Brigham Young d. Salt Lake City, age 76. (2)

-- Sep 14, 1877
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 14 I rode to Brigham City and in Company with Lorenzo Snow went through Evry Department of the Brigham City Cooperative Institutions and was much pleased with the prospets and held a Meeting at the Court House. A full House & a good Meeting. I spent the night with Leslie Snow. 60 M. (3)

-- Nov 15, 1877
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 15 I took Cars at 7 oclok with L Snow on Utah Southern. We rode to York then in Coach to Nephi. 90 M. In the Evening we held a Meeting with the people. Brother Kendall prayed. Lorenzo Snow spoke 65 Minuts W Woodruff 55 M. I spent the night at Sister Oakeys. (3)

-- Jan 14, 1878 (Monday)
The 23rd session of the Utah legislature convened in Salt Lake City, and organized by appointing Lorenzo Snow president of the Council, and Orson Pratt speaker of the House. (4)

-- Apr 10, 1878
Spent today with others of the Twelve [Apostles] in getting Accounts into Pres[iden]t [John]

Taylors hands & he them into Executors & copying papers Receipt Indemnifying bond. &c etc, necessary to settlement as well as making out Deeds.

Pres[iden]t John Taylor. W[ilford]. Woodruff Orson Pratt Sen. C[harles]. C. Rich. Lorenzo Snow Erastus Snow. F[ranklin]. D. Richards. & Jos[eph] F. Smith addressed to the Executors-all of which were duly presented to Geo[rge] Q Cannon & B[righam]. Young [Jr.] and a meeting called for 5 P.M[;] 5. P.M-met at Auditors office present. Pres[iden]t John Taylor. W[ilford]. Woodruff.

O[rson]. Pratt Sen. C[harles]. C. Rich L[orenzo]. Snow. E[rastus]. Snow. F[ranklin]. D. Richards & Jos[eph] F Smith of the Twelve & Geo[rge] Q Cannon & B[righam] Young [Jr.] of the Executors. the claims of the Church were presented and read as reported by the Auditing Committee. also the statement of the Pres[iden]t & twelve with propositions of such property to be received in payment. upon which the Executors stated that they did approve the Claims as presented and would make such payments as lay in their power so that the claims should be properly paid, and the Church receive its just dues as set forth in the report and accompanying papers-where upon they preceeded to offer property when on due consideration. the following was received and the prices allowed therefor on said settlement as follows. Viz:

The Gardo House & land. Allowed 100,000.00 " Theatre & land " 125,000.00 " Offices & land " 7,000.00

The deeds for the Real Estate and the Certificates of Stocks were duly signed by G[eorge]. Q. Cannon & B[righam]. Young [Jr.] as Executors & Trustees and attested and Deeds acknowledged by Ja[me]s. Jack Notary Public. and all duly delivered. afterwards a receipt in full of all claims and demands the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has against the Estate of the late Pres[iden]t Brigham Young Up to this date being for $999.632.90 in property less $300,000.00 allowed for the services for past 30 years-which was drafted and signed by Pres[iden]t John Taylor T[rustee] in T[rust]-and W[ilford]. Woodruff. O[rson]. Pratt. Senr. C[harles]. C. Rich. L[orenzo]. Snow.

E[rastus]. Snow F[ranklin]. D. Richards & Jos[eph] F. Smith as Councilors to the Trustee & members of the Council of the Twelve Apostles-The Bill or Claim was then duly approved & signed by the Executors and the whole presented to the Hon[orable] Elias Smith Probate Judge. who upon mature examination and deliberation approved confirmed and ordered of Record the Said claim and action of the Executors-upon which the business being fully completed. Elder G[eorge]. Q. Cannon at the request of Pres[iden]t Taylor offered thanks to Almighty God and asked his sanction and approval to all our actions. by further sustaining his servants in doing his will-

Adjourned- (5)

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