Lorenzo Snow, Aug. 26, 1876

-- Aug. 26, 1876
[Son of Lorenzo Snow] LeRoi Clarence Snow, a member of the general board of Y. M. M. I. A., was born Aug. 26, 1876, in Brigham City, Box Elder county, Utah, the son of President Lorenzo Snow and Minnie Jensen. He was baptized when eight years of age by his father and was ordained successively to the different offices in the holy Priesthood, now being a High Priest. He received his education in the Brigham City public schools, the Box Elder Stake Academy, the L. D. S. College, the Church University, the University of Utah and the Salt Lake Business College. When only ten years old he accompanied his father on a missionary trip through Sanpete county. He took up shorthand and typewriting when twelve years of age and held the position of public stenographer and typewriter with Judge Coombs in Brigham City. While thus engaged he copied Orson W. Whitney's "Later Leaves in the Life of Lorenzo Snow," and Andrew 708 Kimball's "Mission in the Indian Territory." Before he was fifteen years of age he became Church shorthand reporter in the Box Elder Stake Tabernacle. With his parents he moved to Salt Lake City in 1893, when his father was appointed president of the Temple. He also acted as reporter in the Salt Lake Tabernacle, was special correspondent to the "Deseret News" and reported Dr. James E. Talmage's lectures delivered in the Assembly Hall, the Articles of Faith, and also his series of lectures on science and philosophy. From 1893 to 1896 Bro. Snow acted as librarian in the Salt Lake Temple. Being called on a mission to Germany, he left home March 21, 1896, crossed the Atlantic in the steamship "Weasland," and after spending six months traveling as a missionary and visitor in the United States, the Isle of Man, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Luxemburg and Switzerland, he was appointed to labor in Munich, as presiding Elder. There he was arrested, fined, imprisoned and banished for life from the kingdom of Bavaria because of his missionary activity, Later he presided over the Darmstadt branch and still later over the Dresden conference. He received an honorable release after a successful mission. After his return home in February, 1899, he became his father's private secretary and also chief tithing clerk of the Church, acted as correspondent to the "Deseret News" on a trip with his father and others to St. George and on other presidential tours, and was chosen as a member of the General Board of the Y. M. M. I. A. In 1900 (June 29th) he married Maud Mary Ford in the Salt Lake Temple. One child (Aileen) blessed this marriage. Bro. Snow acted as instructor in French and German in the L. D. S. University, was instructor in the night school of the L. D. S. Business College, served as bookkeeper in the Zion's Savings Bank, etc. He entered the automobile business in 1904 as president and manager of the Utah Auto Company, in which he was engaged until 1907. After moving to Snowflake, Ariz., in 1908, he became interested in the sheep business, and in 1909 he labored as a special Y. M. M. I. A. missionary in Arizona and Mexico. In November, 1909, he located in Thatcher, Ariz. There he promoted the Citizen's Bank of Thatcher, which opened for business May 10, 1910. In that bank he was cashier and later vice-president. In 1912 (May 10th) he married Burma Celia Thompson, who has borne her husband three children, namely, Clarence W., Margaret and Robert T. Bro. Snow acted for some time as vice-president of the Arizona State Bankers' association and as fair commissioner from Graham county. He became associated with the Arizona historian in the fall of 1917, but moved to Salt Lake City in April, 1919, to take charge of a department of the real estate business carried on by the Kimball & Richards Company. Having been chosen as secretary and assistant to the Arizona Historian, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1919. Elder Snow's life so far has been largely devoted to public and Church service, often at the expense of personal interests. He has always had a strong testimony of the truth of the gospel and ever been loyal to the leaders of the Church. (1)

-- Oct 6, 1876
[Sermon] Lorenzo Snow: Apostolical Succession and Responsibility - Social Position Affords No Release From Responsibility - If the Office Does not Honor a Man, He is Called to Honor the Office - Man's Future, Dependent on Integrity Here, JD 18:298 - 302 (2)

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2 - Journal of Discourses, http://jod.mrm.org

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