Lorenzo Snow, Oct 5, 1882

-- Oct 5, 1882
[Sermon] Lorenzo Snow: The Revelations of the Holy Spirit - Sacrifice Brings Forth Salvation, Episode of Queen Esther - Where Knowledge is Given Obedience is Required - Noah and the Antediluvians, Penalty of Disobedience - The Knowledge Which Comforts the People of God, the Skepticism of the World - The Testimony of the Latter - day Saints - The Indestructibility of - Mormonism - God Will Overrule and Deliver, If the Saints Will Do Their Duty, JD 23:288 - 293 (1)

-- Tuesday, Oct 17, 1882
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

10 a.m. The following named brethren met at the Twelves room at the Council house: Wilford Woodruff, Lorenzo Snow, Erastus Snow, F. D. Richards, B. Young, F. M. Lyman, George Teasdale, H. J. Grant, D. H. Wells, H. S. Eldridge, John Van Cott, W. W. Taylor, A. H. Cannon, S. B. Young and myself. The Indian mission was talked over, and several of the brethren expressed their views. A motion that the stakes have charge of the Indians in their jurisdiction was carried and men to take charge selected to be presented to the Presidency.

The question was asked what body of men composed the first quorum of Seventies. Our meeting held four hours. (2)

-- Nov 4, 1882
[Sermon] Lorenzo Snow: The Lord Interested in the Salvation of the Whole Human Family - His Plans, Purposes and Dealings All to that End - Necessity of Charity, Love, Union, Etc., in the Church of Christ - The Logan Temple and a Prophetic Glimpse at Its Future, JD 23:338 - 342 (1)

-- 16 February 1883
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Cora Jean Snow (mother: Sarah Minnie Ephramina Jensen) (3)

-- Mar 29, 1883
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Marries a plural wife, Lydia Elizabeth Spencer, at the Salt Lake Endowment House. Children: Rudger Remus, Hiram Bradley, Margaret Gay, Daniel Spencer, Vera Mary, Samuel George, Lorenzo Snow, Francis Marion, and Lydia. (4)

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