Lorenzo Snow, January, 1881

-- During January, 1881
[John Nuttle Diary] [probable date] W(ashing) of f(eet) by the prop(hets) Jos(eph) at the K(irkland T(emple) Pres W(oodruff) was for a different purpose being to bear our testimony against those who have openly willfully manifested themselves against the Lord & His kingdom of his saints & people upon the earth Pres T(aylor) read the 123 Sec of D & C & Gave his views. Elder L. J N(uttall) read the prayer proposed to be offered in the circle when it was approved Pres W(oodruff) called upon to pray all kneeling after which water being (sic) prepared, each of the brethren John (Taylor) Presiding and apostles, also com wills including E Hunter & Pres L J N(uttall) & Pres J Smith each washed their feet Bro Rich being assisted by Elder Nuttall during the washing of feet Prest Taylor offered prayer which was repeated by the brethren -- Repair(e)d to the upper room which Pres Taylor and L. Snow offered the opening prayer in the circle the following brothren prayed Pa(triarch) J S & W O P L S F D R F M L J H S D H W J S Pres Taylor mouth Elder Nuttall prompting the prayer which had been approved During the time in the house Elder C C Rich was carried from room to room (1)

-- Dec 19, 1881
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 19 Jan 1881 This is one of the most important days of my life. I met with the Presidet John Taylor and 2d Councillor Joseph F Smith and 7 of the Twelve viz. Wilford Woodruff Orson Pratt, Charles C Rich, Lorenzo Snow, Franklin D Richards Francis M Lyman, John Henry Smith And John Smith the first Patriarch and the Presiding Bishop Edward Hunter and L John Nuttall. C. C. Rich was Carried in a Chair. O Pratt was vary feeble yet we all performed the ordinance of washing our feet against Our Enemies And the Enemies of the Kingdom of God according to the Commandmet of God unto us.

W. Woodruff opened By Prayer And John Taylor was Mouth in the washing of feet. At the Prayer Circle Lorenzo Snow was Mouth at the opening And Presidet JOHN TAYLOR was mouth at the Altar, and Presented the Prayer written By W. Woodruff (By request of Presidet Taylor) And the names were presented before the Lord according to the Commandment.

It was truly a solomn scene and I presume to say it was the first thing of the Kind since the Creation of the world. The Names & Prayer Presented will be recorded By Br L John Nuttall Presidets Taylors Secretary. We were 3 Hours in the Meeting & ordinances. This is the last time that the Apostle Orson Pratt will Ever in this life Officiate in an important Cerimony in the Church & Probably the Same with Charles C Rich. (2)

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