Lorenzo Snow, Friday February 3. 1882

-- Friday February 3. 1882
[John Nuttle Diary] Prest John Taylor and party left by the 340 p m Train for Logan via Ogden - the party consists of Prest Taylor & wife Sophia Prest Jos F Smith & wife Sarah - Elder Lorenzo Snow Erastus Snow, Wife Minirva 7 son Levi - F. M Lyman & wife. John H. Smith. Moses Thatcher. Wm B. Preston. L. John Nuttall - C. W. Penrose Geo F. Gibbs - Edward Dalton. two daughters of the late Robert L Campbell - while at Ogden 15 of the party 15 (sic) partook of supper and at 7 p m left by the Utah & Northern train arrived at Logan at 11. the party were soon distributed - Prest Taylor & wife & Bro. Penrose at Bro Thatchers - Myself & Bro E Dalton at Bro Martineaus - Elder F. D. Richards joined the party at Ogden -- considerable Snow, and weather cold at Logan - (1)

-- 1882, March 22
Edmunds bill signed into law by President Chester A. Arthur. (2)

-- Apr 7, 1882
[Sermon] Lorenzo Snow: Ancient and Modern Israel Compared - God's Work Progressive - His Overruling Providence, JD 23:150 - 155 (3)

-- May 6, 1882
[Sermon] Lorenzo Snow: The Establishment of Character - Traits that Are Admirable - How to Have Influence With Heaven - Why Men Should Do Right - The Cultivation of Spiritual Gifts - The Things of God Must Be Sought After - Fasting, Prayer, Devotion and Sacrifice, JD 23:189 - 195 (3)

-- May 20, 1882
Prest Taylor received a letter from Pres J D T McAllister of St George dated May 16th pertaining to the matter of Apostle Lorenzo Snow and his wife Hannah in reply to a letter sent to him by Prest Taylor enclosing the letter of Apostle L Snow and Sister Hannahs reply thereto which read as follows viz'

Brigham City, April 30, 1882

Prest John Taylor Hannah [who had been married to Joseph E. Johnson for more than thirty years], the person in question, has never intimated to me orally or otherwise, that she desires a release and I do not feel exactly at liberty to act in the premises till she herself expresses such a wish.

If she will sign the following certificate, in presence of Prest McAlister and he witness the same, she then has my full consent to be sealed to whomsoever she pleases, and in the return of this certificate I am willing to sign a Bill of Divorce.

If this meet your approval please forward it to Prest McAllister Respectfully Lorenzo Snow.

This certifies that I wish to be released from Covenant and obligations, entered into between myself and Lorenzo Snow when sealed over the Alter in the Temple at Nauvoo.

Hannah M Goddard now Johnson We were not sealed at the Alter in the Temple. it was in L. N. Scovils house: I received my Endowments in the E[ndowment]. H[ouse]. Salt Lake City H M G J

The above Certificate was this day signed in my presence John D T. McAllister Washington 15th May 1882 (4)

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