Lorenzo Snow, Oct 8, 1876 - 29 August 1877

-- Oct 8, 1876 - 29 August 1877
[1st Presidency Changes] Brigham Young John Willard Young Daniel H. Wells Joseph F. Smith (Counselor) George Q. Cannon (Assistant Counselor) Brigham Young, Jr. (Assistant Counselor) Lorenzo Snow (Assistant Counselor) Albert Carrington (Assistant Counselor) John Willard Young called as First Counselor (1)

-- During 1876
(Brigham Young) He married at least fifty-five plural wives, including Zina D. Huntington, Eliza R. Snow, Amelia Folsom, Ann Eliza Webb, and seven widows of Joseph Smith. Several wives left him and six obtained formal divorces.

He fathered thirty-one daughters and twenty-five sons, including sons who married daughters of apostles Jedediah M. Grant, Parley P. Pratt, Erastus Snow, and Lorenzo Snow. Susa Young Gates was perhaps his most prominent daughter. (2)

-- Apr 1, 1877
At meeting in St. George, Utah, Brigham Young verbally attacks second-ranked apostle John Taylor for indifference to communitarian United Orders. Young warns that Taylor could lose his standing in Twelve and cancels his administrative assignments. Apostle Lorenzo Snow finally persuades Taylor to apologize, which Snow believes is necessary to preserve Taylor's status in Twelve. (3)

-- Apr 5, 1877
[Sermon] Lorenzo Snow: Necessity for Effort - Regulation of Temporal Affairs - Consecration and Stewardship - Preparation for Building in Jackson County - Responsibility of Presidents - How Confidence is Created - The United Order - Desires for the Future, JD 18:371 - 376 (4)

-- 1877, April 6
St. George Temple dedicated. (5)

-- Apr 25, 1877
At the Manti temple site Brigham Young tells Lorenzo Snow "Here is the spot where the prophet Moroni stood and dedicated this piece of land for a Temple site, and that is the reason why the location is made here, and we can't move it from this spot; and if you and I are the only persons that come here at high noon today, we will dedicate this ground." (3)

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