Lorenzo Snow, 1872, June

-- During 1872, June
First issue of Woman's Exponent published, Salt Lake City, Utah. (1)

-- Nov 19, 1872 (Tuesday)
The Palestine party, consisting of Pres. Geo. A. Smith, Apostle Lorenzo Snow, Elders Feramorz Little, Paul A. Schettler and Geo. Dunford, Sisters Eliza R. Snow and Clara S. Little, arrived in Liverpool, England, from New York. (2)

-- During 1872-1873
Age 58-59, Toured europe and asia minor; participated in dedication of Palestine for return of the Jews. (3)

-- During 1872-1882
Age 58-68, Served as president of Utah Territorial Legislative Council. (3)

-- Mar 2, 1873
In Jerusalem two apostles, George A. Smith and Lorenzo Snow, as well as a number of other Saints including Eliza R. Snow, Lorenzo Snow's sister, "rode to the Mount of Olives," pitched a tent, and assembled for a prayer meeting. With a "watchman outside" posted at the door, the small group robed themselves and "united in service in the order of the Holy Priesthood." After an opening prayer by Apostle Snow "in which the - dedicatory sentiments were contained," George A. Smith "dedicated" the land: "I was mouth, remembering the general interests of Zion, and dedicating this land, praying that it might become fertile - and the prophecies and promises unto Abraham and the prophets be fulfilled in the own due time of the Lord." (4)

-- 1873. April 1
(Alice Louise Reynolds) : Born in Salt Lake City to Mary Ann Tuddenham and George Reynolds, secretary to Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, Lorenzo Snow, and Joseph F. Smith. Alice described her father as a man who "loved knowledge and it certainly was a dreadful thing in [his] eyes to be unnecessarily ignorant." (5)

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