Lorenzo Snow, Monday, Jan 9, 1882

-- Monday, Jan 9, 1882
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

2 p.m. the Legislature met and the House of Representatives was called to order by the Clerk of the former House. Roll was called and all the members present. I moved that we go into a permanent organization which carded. Lorin Farr moved that F. M. Lyman be made speaker. Carried. James Sharp moved Arthur Stayner to Chief Clerk. Abram Hatch moved that John Smith be Sargent at Arms. Levi Snow was made messenger, Milando Pratt Usher, Junius F. Wells Minute Clerk, John Morgan Engraving Clerk, E. Griffeth Watchman.

The Council organized with the following officers: Joseph F. Smith, President, L. John Nuttall Clerk, W. W. Taylor Minute Clerk, John Van Cott Sargent at Arms, Lorenzo Farr Messenger, C. W. Smith Watchman, Samuel Roskelley Engraving Clerk and Jeter Clinton Usher.

The minute clerks and ushers are paid by the Territory. The members [of the Council] are Lorenzo Snow, Erastus Snow, D. H. Wells, W. W. Cluff, Joseph F. Smith, J. T. Caine, A. O. Smoot, George Teasdale, A. K. Thurber, M. Thatcher, J. R. Murdock, Peter Barton. The members [of the House] are F. M. Lyman, Lorin Farr, E. H. Blackburn, O. G. Snow, W. B. Preston and W. H. Lee, J. H. Smith, H. W. Stout, James Sharp, John Jaques, C. W. Penrose, S. Francis, Canute Peterson, Henry Beal, Edward Dalton, W. H. Dusenberry, J. E. Booth, J. S. Page, S. R. Thurman, W. D. Johnson, Edward Partridge, S. F. Attwood, Abram Hatch & D. H. Peery.

The officers and members of both houses were sworn by Secretary Thomas. The members met in joint session and heard the governor's message read. Some portions were very good and some merely twaddle. After the joint session a Committee on Rules was appointed, also a Committee on Printing. (1)

-- Jan 27, 1882
[Franklin D. Richards] Pres[iden]t. Lorenzo Snow spent nearly 2 hours with me conversing on several subjects among others Is it politic to permit E[dward]. W. Tullidge to write & publish Biographical Sketches of the lives of the Apostles-Or if we may not prevent is it better to supervise & prevent flagrant errors from being sent abroad?

Pres[iden]t. B[righam]. Young permitted & approved E[dward]. W. T[ullidge]. s publication of his life-ought we to? (2)

1 - Jean Bickmore White (editor), Church, State, and Politics: The Diaries of John Henry Smith, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1990, http://bit.ly/johnhenrysmith
2 - Franklin D. Richards, Diary

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