Lorenzo Snow, Apr 21, 1878

-- Apr 21, 1878
[Sermon] Lorenzo Snow: United Order - Tithing - Cooperative Labors in Brigham City, JD 19:341 - 350 (1)

-- Apr 22, 1878
At 5. p.m. Council at Auditors office.

Pres[iden]t. J[ohn]. Taylor-W[ilford]. Woodruff O[rson]. Pratt, L[orenzo]. Snow, E]rastus].

Snow F[ranklin]. D. R[ichards]., Brigham Young [Jr.] Jos[eph]. F. Smith & L J[ohn]. Nuttall- considering the subject of best mode of preserving Church property from escheating to U[nited].

States under the Act of July 2, 1862 when the forms of deed and Declaration which we have received from Gen[eral] T[homas]. L. Kane through Geo[rge]. Q Cannon & B[righam]. Young were adopted as above mentioned with Taylor, Sharp and Woodruff-unanimously adopted.

The Council of the Apostles met at the Auditors office At 7. P.M present. Pres[iden]t John Taylor-W[ilford]. Woodurff. O[rson] Pratt Senr Lorenzo Snow. Erastus Snow. F[ranklin]. D

Richards B[righam]. Young [Jr.] & Joseph F. Smith. L. J[ohn]. Nuttall Cl[er]k. The question of placing the church Real Estate in a safe and proper position was considered. when the following Vote was taken viz. That we adopt the forms furnished by legal counsel from General Thomas L

Kane through Bro[ther]s Geo[rge] Q. Cannon & Brigham Young for the conveyance of church Property-also that we sanction and adopt the Mode of conveyance as made through A[braham]. O

Smoot and from him to Erastus Snow. (Provo City [Utah] Lots Consideration $2,300.00)-also from the Trustee in Trust to John Sharp and from him to Wilford Woodruff (Theatre & Lot consideration. $62,000.00)-To Horace S Eldridge and from him to Joseph F Smith (Constitution Buildings Council House & lot ($40,000.00)-To Angus M. Cannon and from him to Orson Pratt Sen (Printing offices rounds & Paper Mill & grounds. ($40,000.00)). Together with the several declarations of trust as made by the last named of each of the several classes. to the President of the church or to the council of the Twelve Apostles. and that we recommend the further continuance of this mode of conveyance of the church property so far as may be found necessary and applicapable-and that we unitedly ask the blessings of the Almighty upon the measures here adopted to secure and protect the interests of his people-

More names were selected to hold other property. and adjourned.* (2)

-- Apr 28, 1878
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 28 Sunday Met at 10 oclok. Prayer By Wm. Watkins. W Woodruff spoke 1 Hour & 15 Minuts. Bishop Nichols spoke 15 Minuts. Afternoon. Lorenzo Snow spoke One hour & 15 Minuts. Went home taken with the sick head ake & was Confined to his bed several days. W Woodruff spoke 15 Minuts. (3)

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