Lorenzo Snow, Feb 28, 1871

-- Feb 28, 1871
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 28 I spent the day writing & Choring. I took down 1[4/5?] stand of Bees to the depo to send to Ogden. [4/5?] stands were to go to Lorenzo Snow at Brigham City. (1)

-- Jun 12, 1871
15-year-old Sarah Minnie Ephramina Jensen becomes the 9th wife of 57-year-old Lorenzo Snow. (2)

-- 12 June 1871
[Marriage of Lorenzo Snow] Marriage to Sarah Minnie Ephramina Jensen (3)

-- 19 July 1871
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Flora Bell Birdie Snow (mother: Mary Elizabeth Houtz) (3)

-- Jan 8, 1872 (Monday)
The twentieth session of the Utah legislature convened in Salt Lake City and organized by electing Lorenzo Snow president of the Council, and Orson Pratt speaker of the House. (4)

-- Jan 14, 1872
[Sermon] Lorenzo Snow: Progression - The Fatherhood of God - The Perfect Man - The Gifts of the Spirit - His Testimony, JD 14:300 - 309 (5)

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