Lorenzo Snow, 1873-74

-- During 1873-74
[United Order] Observing poverty, dispiritedness and disaffection as he traveled south to his winter home in St George during the winter of 1873-74, the aging Mormon leader considered how best to control the situation. The previous October Lorenzo Snow, apostle and founder of the Brigham City Cooperatives, had preached a sermon which perhaps was still ringing in Young's ears: "It is more than forty years since the Order of Enoch was introduced, and rejected. One would naturally think, that it is now about time to begin to honor it." (1)

-- Jan 12, 1874 (Monday)
The Utah legislature (21st session) convened in Salt Lake City and organized by electing Lorenzo Snow president of the Council, and Orson Pratt speaker of the House. (2)

-- May 9, 1874 - 1 September 1875
[1st Presidency Changes] Brigham Young George A. Smith Daniel H. Wells Joseph F. Smith (Counselor) John Willard Young (Assistant Counselor) George Q. Cannon (Assistant Counselor) Brigham Young, Jr. (Assistant Counselor) Lorenzo Snow (Assistant Counselor) Albert Carrington (Assistant Counselor)) Titles of all additional counselors (except Joseph F. Smith) changed from Counselor to Assistant Counselor (3)

-- 1874 may 9
Age 60, Became assistant counselor to president Brigham Young. (4)

-- 1875
[Wife of Lorenzo Snow] Minnie Jensen was chosen to act as president of the Retrenchment Society in Brigham City. (5)

-- Mar 29, 1875
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 29 A Big Snow Storm this morning. I went to the Endowment House. We gave Endowments to 22. President Young sealed Lorenzo Snows daughter Media Snow to President Youngs Son Morris. W Woodruff sealed 28 Couple. (6)

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