Lorenzo Snow, 1875, June 10

-- 1875, June 10
Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association organized, forerunner of Young Men program. (1)

-- Jul 10, 1875
Zion's Co-operative Mercantile Institution-- 1875-July 10-Pamphlet on file in Church Historian's Office, Salt Lake City

According to B. H. Roberts (CHC 5:220) cons Co-operative Mercantile Institution began its operations March 1, 1869 and became incorporated as a company under the laws of Utah in 1870. This pamphlet might he considered a five-year repent. The signatures include not only the First Presidency but other prominent General Authorities of the L.D.S. Church. Us pioneer merchandising institution has continued operations down to the present (1965) and until fairly recent times was officered by members of the First Presidency and other General Authorities of the Church. ... . Your Brethren, BRIGHAM YOUNG, CHARLES C. RICH, GEORGE A. SMITH, LORENZO SNOW, DANIEL H. WELLS, ERASTUS SNOW, JOHN TAYLOR, FRANKLIN D. RICHARDS, WILFORD WOODRUFF, GEORGE Q. CANNON, ORSON HYDE, BRIGHAM YOUNG, JUN., ORSON PRATT, ALBERT CARRINGTON. SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH TERRITORY, JULY 10TH, 1875. ... (2)

-- Sep 1, 1875 - 8 October 1876
[1st Presidency Changes] Brigham Young Daniel H. Wells Joseph F. Smith (Counselor) John Willard Young (Assistant Counselor) George Q. Cannon (Assistant Counselor) Brigham Young, Jr. (Assistant Counselor) Lorenzo Snow (Assistant Counselor) Albert Carrington (Assistant Counselor) Death of George A. Smith (3)

-- 1875, October 16
Brigham Young Academy organized, Provo, UT, first Church academy. (1)

-- Jan 10, 1876 (Monday)
The 22nd session of the Utah legislature convened in Salt Lake City, and organized by electing Lorenzo Snow president of the Council, and Orson Pratt speaker of the House. (4)

-- 28 August 1876
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Le Roi Clarence Snow (mother: Sarah Minnie Ephramina Jensen) (5)

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