Dreams in LDS History, 1929

LDS History Chronology: Dreams

-- During 1929
[Dream Mine] Koyle's dreams continued. He predicted the First World War and the economic crash of October, 1929. (1)

-- Oct 23, 1946
BYU campus newspaper reports that professor of religion Richard Thomson, announced in a class that "during a vision last night, it was made known to me that 'you bet' is the anglicization of "hubet," the pure Adamic word for "you're welcome." Either the word has survived relatively intact for many millennia, or else it was revealed to the true Saints in the nineteenth century as part of the restoration of all things. Personally, I support the latter view." This announcement leads to the creation of the "Hubet Society of BYU" (HSBYU), which in turn leads to an attempt to create an Adamic 101 course. The entire movement is crushed when Jesse Wright, Provo Central Stake president, speaks at a BYU fireside and calls Professor Thomson, who lived in the stake, "insane," "an apostate and a heretic." Professor Thomson soon disappears from BYU. (2)

-- Jan 8, 1947
DESERET NEWS publishes John H. Koyle's repudiation of his former claims regarding "Dream Mine," in which he urges his followers and stockholders to "regard this mine as a business venture without any religious significance." Despite this statement, Koyle is soon excommunicated, due to pressure from Apostle Mark E. Petersen. (3)

-- Apr 18, 1948
[Dream Mine] John Koyle negotiated a repudiation of his claims, in 1947 and then reversed himself almost immediately and was excommunicated from the Church 18 April 1948. (1)

-- May 17, 1949
[Dream Mine] John H. Koyle died 17 May 1949 in Payson. (1)

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