The history of Z.C.M.I, Feb 17, 1879

-- Feb 17, 1879
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 17 We arose in the morning from our Bed on the ground and Cooked our Breakfast from a fire made of Dead Joshua's a species of Cacktus 12 feet high, 12 to 16 inches through which when dead makes a good fire. This desert abounds with the greatest variety of Cacktuses I ever saw. The Joshuas here are ownly 12 feet high. In Calafornia they grow 50 feet. We also have the Common Cacktus 6 feet high, the Devils pin quishim 3 feet, the snake Cacktus 6 feet, The yankee pin Cacktus that is Covered with Regular pins with heads on that answer for use as well as sale pins. Then we have the Common Leaf prickly pear.

We drove to day through the Canyon and on to Santa Clara Settlement. I stoped with a good kind friend who gave me a room by my self with a good fire, Bed, furniture, and a Plenty to Eat. I took a good supper then a Bath and Change of Clothing which I much needed after wandering in a dusty desert for a week. Brother David left for home. I went to bed and had a good nights rest. 25 M.

I dreamed in the night there was a large fire in Salt Lake City. I thought Z.C.M.I. Coop was on fire. (1)

-- Feb 7, 1880
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 7 I wrote 5 letters to Sarah, Sylvia Newton Mary, Thompson. John W. Young wife & 2 Children arived to day & Mortenson for a load of flour.

This is Continued in the next Journal.

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A Synopsis of Wilford Woodruffs Travels and labors taken from his Journals by Himself from 1834 to 1878 inclusive Making (44) Forty Four years of Labor in the Ministry as a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. This does not include any of the year 1879. Neither does it report the dedications recorded in the Begining of this Journal. If any Historian wishes to Record or publish this synopsis of my Labor, He will have to Blend the two accounts Together the forepart of this Journal as well as this Account and add the labor of 1879. It may be thought Strange why a man of as busy a life as I have lead, Should spend as much time as I have in Journalizing. I have been inspired and required of the Lord to do it. There is no portion of my time do I Consider any better spent time than in Journalizing, and writing History and keeping an Account of the dealings of God with the Latter Day Saints.

Wilford Woodruff

See first Page

I travelled during this Period as my Journals will show (120,905) One hundred and Twenty Thousand Nine hundred & 5 Miles

I held 3,298 Meetings

I Preached 2,633 discourses

I Attended 103 Conferences abroad

I Attended 67 Semi Annual Conferences

I Attended 296 Councils with the Presidency & 12

I Attended 30 Meetings of the High Council

I Attended 130 Meetings of the Elders Quorum

I Attended 800 Meetings of the Prayer Circle with the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles

I Attended 305 Meetings of my own prayer Circle

I Esstablished 77 Preaching Places

I Organized 51 Branches of the Church abroad

I Added to the Church 1,800 Souls in seven Month Labor in the South of England in 1840, among whom were 200 preachers of the various sects of the day, 50 of which belonged to the United Brethren

I ordained Priests and Elder to Baptize

I ownly Baptized 1,039

I Confirmed 3,328 Assisted in Confirming 4,499 others,

I Ordained 12 Patriarch, 73 High Priest 21 High Council 19 Bishops

I Ordained 47 Seventies, 660 Elders 444 Priests, 64 Teachers and 13 Deacons

I Assisted in Ordaining while others were Mouth, 82 Patriarchs, 7 High Priests 67 High Council, 4,349 Elders Living and 4,932 for the dead

I administereed to the sick to 817 by the laying on of Hands many of which were healed by the power of God

I Blessed 175 Children

I set apart and Blessed 916 Missionaries And assisted in setting apart while others were Mouth 4,131

I spent 603 days in the Endowment House S L City and A portion of 2 years in St George Temple In giving Endowment. There were Baptized during this time for the Dead in the 2 places 84,282 The same number Confirmed. We gave Endowments for the living and the Dead during this time to 40,411 persons for living & Dead

I sealed at the Altar 11,388 /Couple/. Others Sealed during the same time 21,991 Couple most of which I was a witness to. This includes Both the living and the Dead

I was sealed at the Altar for 325 Couple of Dead friends

I was Baptized for 443 Dead friends. This in Connextion with the rest of my family wer Baptized for 2,705 of the Woodruff Thompson and Hart family In the Baptismal font in Temple Block Salt Lake City /And St George Temple

/I got Endowments for 1,634 of my dead Friends in St George Temple during the years 1877 & 8 & 9. This was through the Assistance of my friends

I had 42 Men Adopted into my family And I was Adopted to my Father Aphek Woodruff

I Administered in Adopting /or sealing Children to parents/ 72

I Assisted others in Adopting 92 persons men to Men

I Adopted 4 Persons to others

I Assisted others in sealing 1,004 Children to Parents I had 154 dead women who died single sealed to me mostly of the Woodruff and Hart family. This includes the year 1878, And on the 29 Jan 1879 I had 39 Dead single women of the Heart family Sealed to me And on the 1 day of March 1879 I had 74 single dead women sealed to me. Total dead single women sealed 267

I Gave second Anointing to 470 persons and assisted Others in giving Second Anointing to 590 persons

I received Second Anointing for my Father Aphek Woodruff, And My uncle Ozem Woodruff and the Prophet Robert Mason. My Daughter Phebe A W Snow was Anointed for Bulah Azubah and Hannah Woodruff, and 3 wives of Robert Mason On the 9 April 1877. Ezra Carter Jr. And Sarah Fabyan Carter, Ozem Woodruff, Acksa Merril, and Hannah Hart Woodruff, And Robert Mason and 3 wives were all Adopted to Wilford Woodruff sen and Phebe Carter Whitmore Woodruff On the 13 day of April 1877. On the 10 of April, 1877 Samuel B. Hardy, and wife and Josiah Hardy and wife, were Adopted to Wilford Woodruff the first person Ever Adopted to me on Earth

I Organized 16 Branches of the United Order

I held 21 Meetings with the United Order

I Preached 38 Funeral Sermons

I Attended 24 Meetings of the school of the Prophets

I Assisted in Confirming or setting Apart 27 Midwives for service in Utah

I was Elected A Member of the Legislature of the Territory of Utah for 22 years. I served as A Member of the Council 21 years and spent 783 days in the Legislator

I Officiated two years as a Member of the board of Directors of Z.C.M.I

I Officiated as Presidet of the Deseret Agricultural & Manufacturing Society for 14 years and Attended to the business of the Same

I wrote 3,031 Letters, And Received 2,217 Letters

I reported and Recorded in my Journals 30 of Joseph Smiths Sermons And 81 sermons of Brigham Young & of the Twelve Apostles

In addition to the dedications Recorded in the fore part of this Journal I dedicated the Cornor Stone of Z.C.M.I. Store Nov 25 1875

I dedicated the Relief Society House in the 2d ward Feb 28 1875

I dedicated the Z.C.M.I. Store after it was finished March 13, 1876

I dedicated Mill Creek ward Meeting House May 21, 1876

I dedicated the St George Temple under the Direction of President Brigham Young in Connextion with Erastus Snow and Brigham Young jr Jan 1, 1877

I Attended the Dedication of Laying the Cornor Stone of Logan Temple sept 17 1877. The Twelve Apostles laid the South East Corner Bishop & Council the South West Cornor The High Priest the North West Cornor The Seventies & Elders the North East Cornor.

I Paid Tithing $3,216.60 cts

The number of my friends Baptized for who was dead to the End of 1878 were 2,705. Of this Number there were of the Woodruff family 152 Males, 201 Females Total 352. The Hart family Males 614 Females 621 Total 1,235. Of the Thompson family Males 10 Female 18 Total 28. Of the Carter Family Males 3, Femals 2 total 5. This leaves 1,084 of Other names who have been Baptized for Mostly Friends married into the Woodruff and Hart Families. 1,639 of the above persons have received their Endowments in the Temple at St George. This leaves 1,064 to get Endowments.

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1 - Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993
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