Dreams in LDS History, 1961

LDS History Chronology: Dreams

-- During 1961
[Dream Mine] The mine continued in fits and starts under the leadership of Quayle Dixon for twenty-three years. In 1961, a new company, The Relief Mine Company, succeeded the Koyle Mining Company and continued to do the minimum $100 per claim annual assessment work. (1)

-- Feb 20, 1977
In Monterrey, Mexico President Spencer W. Kimball preaches: "I mentioned to your brothers and sisters in Mexico City last week that in 1947 I was in Arizona at the temple. As thought and prayed and studied, I had what I thought was a dream, maybe a vision. There were many Mexican people in the temple on that same day. As I looked into the future, I saw that the Lamanites were going to grow and develop. As my vision continued, I saw great numbers of Lamanites and Nephites now in beautiful homes with all the comforts that science can give. I see you Lamanite people grown to cover a thousand hills with your flocks and herds." (2)

-- Jan 24, 1980
[U.S. Religious History] On this night, William Murray (son of American atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair) had a dream which he interpreted as a religious vision from God, leading to his conversion to a fundamentalist brand of Christianity. He gave up drinking and smoking and engaged in efforts to undue the separation of church and state which his mother had long struggled for. (3)

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