The history of Z.C.M.I, Jul 3, 1885

-- Jul 3, 1885
Apostle Heber J. Grant records that First Presidency authorizes half-masting of American flags on Salt Lake city hall, court house, and at church-owned ZCMI on Jul 4. This causes near-riot by non-Mormons. (1)

-- Jul 4, 1885 (Saturday)
The flag on the City Hall, County Court House and Z.C.M.I., Salt Lake City, was placed at half mast, in token of mourning over the condition of affairs in Utah. Great excitement ensued, and threats of violence by anti-Mormons were made. (2)

-- Sep 23, 1886
[Marriner W. Merrill Diary] Sent an order this day to Supt. Z.C.M.I. for 25 or 30 gallons best olive oil. (3)

-- Monday, Nov 8, 1886
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

We returned to the City and I was busy about town. I finished paying for my single harness. I paid $17.50 watter tax. I paid G. G. Bywater for fixing my watch. I paid Tom Little three dollars for painting roof to shed. I paid Z.C.M.I. $70.00 in an order. I endorsed a thousand dollars in Kanab Cattle herd stock over to Zion's Savings bank for money borrowed. The evening I spent at home. (4)

-- Feb 4, 1887
About thirty riveters at Z.C.M.I. Shoe Shop go on strike over change in work assignments. While not first collective bargaining strike in Utah, it is first against church business. DESERET NEWS says: "The movement savors too much of the dictatorial style of some of the labor organizations, and should not exist among our people." (5)

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