The history of Z.C.M.I, Sep 11, 1880 (Saturday)

-- Sep 11, 1880 (Saturday)
An electric light exhibition was given in Salt Lake City, in front of Z.C.M.I. (1)

-- During September 1880
Electric light exhibition takes place in front of ZCMI, Intermountain West‘s first department store. (2)

-- Wednesday, Dec 8, 1880
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City I was at the office during the forenoon, and in Council with the Twelve during the p.m. I paid ten dollars to the temple fund in a G.T.O. [General Tithing Office] Provision Order.

I also got an order of Thirty dollars on Z.C.M.I. The evening I spent at home reading the evening paper and Kent's Commentaries on American Law. (3)

-- Dec 15, 1880
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 15 I received 2 letters from Sarah & Sarah M Coomb.

I attended Council & Prayer Circle in the Afternoon. D. H. Wells Circumstances was presented to the Council at length. All his property was liable to be sold under Mortgage. The Church and Z.C.M.I. had already advanced $3,000 to Pay interest and $1,500 dollars more was needed to Pay the interest or the Property would have to be sold. The Council voted to raise $750 & Z.C.M.I would raise the rest. (4)

-- During 1880
(Heber J. Grant) Formed a syndicate to purchase $350,000 worth of ZCMI stock. Later he served as assistant cashier at Zion's Savings Bank and Trust Company; vice-president of the Salt Lake Herald Company; director of Provo Woolen Mills, Deseret National Bank, Oregon Lumber Company, and ZCMI; and president of the State Bank of Utah, Home Fire Insurance Company, Salt Lake Theatre Company, Co-op Wagon and Machine Company, and the Heber J. Grant Insurance Company. (5)

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