The history of Z.C.M.I, Jun 25, 1875

-- Jun 25, 1875
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 25 June 1875 I met at 8 oclok in the Evening with O. Pratt C. C. Rich & A Carrington to lay the Corner Stone of the New Building of Z.C.M.I when W Woodruff laid the Corner Stone & offered up Prayer & dedicated [it] unto the Lord. (1)

-- Mar 31, 1876
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 31 We met this Evening in the Centre of the Z.C.M.I new store there being the presidency Twelve & many others present for the purpose of Dedicating the building unto the Lord. We had singing. Then President Young Called upon me to offer up the Dedication Prayer which I did.

There had been some misunderstanding Between Presidet Brigham Young & Joseph F Smith about the notifying of the Twelve to be preset at the meeting, and Brother Joseph Smith Asked President Youngs Pardon for Contradicting him in the matter which Pardon was granted By Presidet Young. We were then dismissed & returned to our homes. (1)

[Wilford Woodruff] Dedicates ZCMI building (2)

-- Apr 1, 1876 (Saturday)
The new Z.C.M.I. building on Main Street, Salt Lake City, was opened for business. (3)

-- Oct 5, 1876
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Oct 5 I spent a part of the day in the Endowment House. J F Smith sealed 58 Couple & W Woodruff 29. I attended a Meeting of the Stock Holders of Z.C.M.I. in the afternoon and herd a report of the same. (1)

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