History of the Word of Wisdom, Apr 8, 1840. Wednesday.

-- Apr 8, 1840. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] Elizabeth Mayor seems somewhat careless. She says the saints don't love her. She has observed a great difference since her mother died &c. Brother Bewsher gave us some Porter. Went to see Sister Birch. She gave me an orange. To Brother Bewshers to C[]. From thence I went to Worsely and preached on Revelations 20. Was opposed by a Methodist, Daniel Bradshaw. Took something to eat with Mary. She gave me a glass of Porter. I got to Manchester about 11 o'clock, nearly through. Sarah had some egg milk ready and she washed my feet and I then went to bed. (1)

-- Apr 9, 1840. Thursday.
[William Clayton Journal] This morning Rebecca brought some red wine and a raw egg in it. She also gave me 2 oranges. (1)

-- Apr 10, 1840. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] Supper with Sister E[llen] Battersby. She gave me a pint of Porter. She is much troubled about the Itch &c. Betsy Crooks gave me some raisins. (1)

-- Apr 12, 1840. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] Went to Brother M. Greens to Dinner. Had conversation with Mr. Goodson. I took a little beer. (1)

-- Apr 17, 1840
[Brigham Young] --17-- I met with the Quorum of the Twelve at Mother Moon's. She presented a bottle of wine for us to bless and partake of, which she had kept for forty years, and she said there was something providential in its preservation for when she was married she designed to use it, but forgot until the event was over, and when her first child was married it was also forgotten, and so it had passed over several events until she now had the privilege of presenting it to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.... (2)

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