History of the Word of Wisdom, May 17, 1840. Sunday.

-- May 17, 1840. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] Supper with Sarah and Rebecca. They gave me a pint of warm porter. 2 baptized at Pend. (1)

-- May 20, 1840. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] Breakfast with Rebecca. Went to Bewshers to Dinner. Had a pint of porter. Returned to fetch 200 stars from office. C. with Rebecca. Brother Garner is gone to Liverpool this A.M. to start for America. 3/- was sent from Brother Clark. Left by a sister. [] On Monday night Alice and Hannah went to Brother Pratts and tarried til near 11. [Nineteen lines crossed out.] I took Railway at 5 o'clock and was at home at 7. Found all Matthias Moons family except John who was gone to Liverpool but he soon returned. Had a little made wine. (1)

-- May 27, 1840. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] Went to Preston. Met Brother Kimball at the Railway and we started. Arrived in 1 3/4 hours. Called at Hardmans and took Water and then went to the office where we found Brothers Pratt, Young, and Taylor. Supper with Sarah and Rebecca. Brother Kimball slept with me. I had a fit of sickness tonight. I drank 6 pints of brandy which gave me ease. (1)

-- May 28, 1840. Thursday.
[William Clayton Journal] Took breakfast at Sister [Elizabeth] Pooles. Brother Kimball sent for a quart of Porter. Dinner with Sarah and Rebecca. I went to the office a little and in the P.M. my face began to be very bad. I had it washed with brandy and went to bed about 12 but was obliged to get up again about 1 and continued up untill 4 1/2. I suffered a great deal. (1)

-- Jun 1, 1840. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] Breakfast at Hardman's and Dinner with Sarah and Rebecca. Went to Prestwich and preached on the Priesthood Hebrews chapter 7. After preaching I spake to the members on the words of wisdom and afterwards ordained Brother Walker Johnson priest. Took tea and returned. Met Sarah Crooks. She seems low and poorly. Supper with Rebecca. There was come thunder and heavy rain soon as I got home. (1)

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