History of the Word of Wisdom, Feb 28, 1840. Friday.

-- Feb 28, 1840. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] Was called up before six to Brother Batemans wife. She was in labour. She was delivered before I got there. A girl. Prayed with her. Took Breakfast and returned and wrote a letter to Brother Richards. Went to Wm. Millers to Dinner. Sarah Perkins gave me a pint of Porter and some Raisins. (1)

-- Mar 3, 1840. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] Breakfast at Hardman's. Went to see Brother Burgess wife and child. She has been disobedient. She seems very penitent. She has a cow dung plaster on her breast. We promised her in the name of the Lord that if she felt to repent and begin to live faithful she should receive a blessing. We anointed and prayed with her and []. Went to Newton to Sister Booths to Dinner and Water. Sister White and Mary Aspin was there. To T. Millers to Pancake. There was too much lightness. I had little to do with it. Sarah Crooks bath my forehead with rum and gave me some mint drops. Sister Booth gave me some raisins. Sarah is anxious to know where to go to lodge. I told her I preferred Rulingtons. (1)

-- Mar 6, 1840. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] Went to see Sister Burgess. Prayed with her and anointed her breast. Prayed with Maria. Prayed with R. Williams. Went to Sister Cath[erine] Beates to dinner [sixteen lines crossed out]. She also saw in a dream Brother Richards and Robert Williams and one of Hardmans Sons and old Richard Hardman sitting in a room together. Brother Richards seemed sick and in trouble. The room opened above their heads and she saw 12 small children dressed in white. One of them was Brother Richards child. She knew it. It came down and sat on his shoulder and bending down looked in his face. The scene closed. She says Brother R[ichards] will not live long. He is expecting a many things but in some he will be disappointed. She says she foresaw all that has taken place concerning Arthur Smith. And she prophecies bad concerning Sister Mary Wytch &c. Took tea with her. (1)

-- Mar 15, 1840. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] Breakfast with Sarah and Rebecca. Preached this A.M. about 1 1/4 on Isaiah Chapter 40. To Bewshers to Dinner. Gave me 2 oranges and a pint of Porter. (1)

-- Mar 27, 1840. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] Sarah [Crooks] and Rebecca [Partington] gave me supper. Sarah washed my head with [rum]. (1)

1 - George D. Smith, An Intimate Chronicle; The Journals of William Clayton, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1995, http://amzn.to/william-clayton

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