History of the Word of Wisdom, Aug 21, 1843

-- Aug 21, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] August 21st, Monday Having received a letter from Esqu[ire] Patrick covering one from J. Hall Esqu[ire], Independance, M[iss]o[uri,] gave instruction to have them copied with some additional remarks and sent to Governor Ford. Copied accordingly.

Many folks at house. Rode out.

P.M. Held court Nauvoo vs Frederick J. Mosser on Temperance ordinance. Fined $3 and costs. (1)

-- Aug 25, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] Friday, August 25th 1843 Hyrum in the office. Spoke of a new revelation.1

Rain in gentle showers through the day, the first water of much amount that has fallen since 1st June in Nauvoo. The Earth has been exceedingly dry, and the early potato [crop] nearly destroyed. Corn has been checked in its growth and even vines much injured by drouth [drought].

Saw the President at tea 5 P.M. (1)

-- Sep 18, 1843. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] A.M. at President Joseph's ...Joseph and I rode out to borrow money, drank wine at Sister Lyons. P.M. I got $50 of Sister Lyons and paid it to D. D. Yearsley. (2)

-- Oct 3, 1843
[Brigham Young] --3-- In company with Elders Kimball, Hyde, Woodruff, G. [George] A. Smith and J. [Jedediah] M. Grant, visited the Saints in Philadelphia; dined at Brother J. B. Nicholson's, and in the evening partook of an oyster supper at Mr. Jeffrey's, who undertook to get us drunk, but only succeeded in intoxicating himself. We consecrated several bottles of oil. (3)

-- Oct 20, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] October 20th B[enjamin] F. Johnson and wife Melissa LaBarron by Hy[rum] Smith {Listed Marriage} (4)

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