History of the Word of Wisdom, Oct 11, 1839

-- Oct 11, 1839
[Brigham Young] On the 11th, resumed my journey in company with Brothers H. [Heber] C. Kimball, Geo. [George] A. Smith, Theodore Turley and Brother Kimball's father-in-law, Mr. Murray. The brethren had exchanged horses at Springfield, and with a little assistance from the brethren there, we obtained a two-horse wagon. The sisters fitted me up a bed in the wagon to ride on, as I was unable to sit up.

We travelled eight miles, and put up with Father Draper for the night. When we went into the house, Brother George A. Smith dropped on to the hearth a bottle containing some tonic bitters, which the brethren had prepared for us because of our sickness. At this Father Draper was very much astonished, and said "You are a pretty set of Apostles, to be carrying a bottle of whiskey with you." We explained to him what it was; this appeased his righteous soul, so that he consented to have us stay over the night. ... (1)

-- After 1838
Joseph Smith receives liquor license in Nauvoo. (2)

-- Jan 1, 1840. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] Brother James Lea from Bedford has called in at T[homas] Miller's and I have been with him to see his wife and children. One child is sick. .... He states that when he entered the Inn it was merely as steward hence the Liquors &c was not judged and he did not know anything about untill he sent his master word that he would leave. Then his master brought in a heavy Bill against him which involved him in great difficulty. He was obliged to sacrifice his goods to get to Manchester. They both seem very humble. He acknowledges having been unfaithful. (3)

-- Jan 18, 1840
In Manchester England Wilford Woodruff performs an exorcism: "We found the sister possessed of the Devel & a burning fever on the brain. She was rageing & trying to tare herself although in the hands of three or four men." Woodruff anoints her head with oil and then administers the oil to her internally. William Clayton writes, "after washing her forehead with rum she appeared better and we left her." (4)

-- Jan 18, 1840. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] Had conversation with Brother Heath who says as follows. That once he drank a little wine which was for Joseph [] and several other things. The statements made by Brothers Heath and Featherstone was very contradictory. I told him he had better remain at M[anchester] untill I had wrote to my brethren.... (3)

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