History of the Word of Wisdom, Nov 05, 1843

-- Nov 05, 1843
Smith becomes violently ill at dinner and assumes that his wife Emma of trying to poison him due to her opposition to polygamy. At the prayer circle meeting that evening Smith accuses her of poisoning his cup of coffee, and Brigham Young regards her shocked silence as proof of her guilt. However, Joseph's rapid recovery from this illness suggests something other than poisoning, possibly ulcers. Smith accuses Emma of poisoning his coffee . PLACE: Nauvoo, IL SOURCE: Joseph Smith, History of the Church, Vol. 6, p.65, Brigham Young, conference address, 7 Oct. 1866, The Essential Brigham Young, p.188 (1)

-- Nov. 25th 1843
[High Council Minutes]

Council met according to adjt in the upper room of J. Smith's Store.

Prayer by Br Huntington. W. Marks & C.C. Rich Presiding. Council all present.

Francis Fox against Thomas Richardson.


"To William Marks President of the High Council, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I, Francis Fox, do prefer a charge against Elder Thomas Richardson, to wit:

1st For demanding my licence unlawfully.

2nd For also demanding and taking the licence of other Brethren in a clandestine manner &c &c in Chicago Cook County Ill. in the month of February 1842.

City of Nauvoo Nov 15th 1843

Francis Fox, Elder.

One were appointed to speak on a side Viz 5) Fulmer and 6) Harris. The matter of difficulty appeared to be in relation to the manner of organizing a branch of the Church in Chicago, and some ordinations which took place. Decided by the President that the ordinations were legal and that Elder Richardson had no right to demand their licence which was unanimously sanctioned by the Council.

The case of Elisha Hoops was next brought up on the complaint by letter from Pike Co. Ill. for getting drunk and using bad language which thing he confessed, and asked forgiveness but thought that he did not use bad language. President Marks give him some instructions which he accepted. he was continued in the Church.

Joseph Smith against Harrison Sagars.

"Nauvoo City November 21st 1843.

Brother Marks

Dear Sir I hereby prefer the following charges against Elder Harrison Sagars, namely:

1st For trying to seduce a young girl, living at his house by the name of Phebe Madison.

2nd For using my name in a blasphemous manner, by saying that I tolerated such things in which thing he is guilty of lying &c. &c.

Joseph Smith"

The defendant plead not guilty. One were appointed to speak on a side, Viz: 7) Grover and 8) Johnson.

The charge was not sustained, but it appeared that he had taught false doctrine which was corrected by President Joseph Smith, and the doctrine which was corrected by President Joseph Smith, and the defendant was continued in the church. Council adjd till Saturday the 9th of Dec. next at 2 O'clock P.M.

Hosea Stout Clerk (2)

-- Dec 1, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] December 1st 1843 At home. 12 A.[M.] Sec[retary] called to get a petition for an appropriation from Congress to improve the rapids, but the Pres[ident] standing in the bar room said it was not [yet] written. Howard Corey started for Bear Creek to get subscribers. [several lines left blank] Clear and cold. Some ice floating in the river. (3)

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