History of the Word of Wisdom, Mar 25, 1843

-- Mar 25, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, March 25th 1843 In the office at 8 o'clock, heard a report from Hyrum concerning thieves as given by J[ohn?]. <Wilson> and directed a proclamation to be published offering security to all who will devulge their secrets.

Received a letter from A. Jonas requesting the use of a cannon to celebrate /the creation of/ the New County of Marquetts and answered it that he might have it. Also rec[eive]d letter from Senator Young containing a bond for 1/4 section of land from Welch.

9 [A.M.] Baptized Esqu[ire] Mif[f]lin of Philadelphia.

10 [A.M.] Ordered a writ against A. Fields for disorderly conduct. Gave E[benezer] Robinson an order on T[aylor] and Woodruff for papers $16.

A. Fields was brought in about noon drunk or pretending to be so and was ordered to be put in irons till sober. He abused all present by his drunken appearance. Has been out in the city.

Dined at 2 o'clock.

"Awful gale" says St. Louis Gazette, within the last 6 weeks 154 vessels were wrecked on the coast of England and 190 lives lost; on the east of Ireland 5 vessels and 134 lives; on the coast of Scotland 17 vessels [and] 39 lives; on the coast of France 4 vessels and 100 lives. Value of vessel and cargoes roughly estimated 825,000. (1)

-- Mar 27, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] Monday, March 27th 1843 Dictated a letter to Esqui[re] Rigdon showing that he [Joseph] believed said Rigdon was concerned [connected] with J[ohn] C. Bennet[t], Geo[rge] W. Robinson, and Jared Carter and unless satisfaction was made should withdraw fellowship and bring him before conference. Letter was presented by W[illard] Richards.

11 [A.M.] Court assembled over the store to try A. Field for drunkenness and abusing his wife. [He was] fined $10 costs and bail $50 for 6 months to keep the peace. (1)

-- May 3, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] Wednesday, May 3d 1843 Called at the office. Drank a glass of wine with Sister Richards of her mother's make in England.... (1)

-- May 27, 1843
[Quorum of Twelve] Saturday May 27th 1843. The Twelve assembled in council ... also President Joseph Smith, Patriarchs, Hiryam [sic] Smith and James Adams, Bishop Whitney and others — Prayer by Elder Kimball after singing.

President Young stated the object of the meeting was to investigate a letter from Sybbella Armstrong of Philadelphia concerning Benjamin Winchester — and other business. The letter was then read ... stating that B. Winchester had been slandered by her character.

[Then discussed stories of her drunkenness and possessing large amounts, on occasion, of money and having debt — Winchester defended himself as only repeating well known stories.] Hyrum Smith when he was in Philadelphia ... when I preached adultery she left the house. [after more discussion]

Pres[iden]t J. Smith said that it [sic] was a bag of nonsense to sit here without witnesses & hear one slang another. Pres[iden]t J. Smith, it has been the character of B. Winchester form the beginning to contradict every body every thing. and I have been under the ire of his tongue [?] ... I disagreed him before the conference & to be revenged he told one of the most damnable lies about me. Visited Sister Smith, Sister Dibble — small hat shop. — told her to come to Nauvoo [?] with me. & I would protect him [?] & B. Winchester set up a howl that I was guilty of improper conduct.

If Isabella Armstrong, is every so bad so much the worse [?] The patriarchal office is the highest office in the church ... and father Smith conferred this office, on Hyrum Smith, on his death bed. Pres[iden]t Joseph said to the Twelve that Elder Adams has come to me and make acknowledgment, perfect satisfaction — his [license ?] as Elder will be taken form him and he will act as priest. — and Bro[ther] Adams will has now started anew, — and let all present hold their tongues and only say that Elder Adams has started anew. -- (2)

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