History of the Word of Wisdom, May 1, 1840. Friday.

-- May 1, 1840. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] Supper with E. Battersby. She gave me a pint of Porter. Sister Sands was took very dangerously ill through miscarriage. She has been growing careless. Had hardness against me and was giving way to the world. She says she will be better. (1)

-- May 4, 1840. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] Alice Hardman and her mother is vexed at each other. Alice says her mother would soon break up the house if I was not there. Got a letter from my wife. Went to printing office to start the printer. Dinner at Sister Walkers. Spent the P.M. with Sarah and Alice. Water with Sarah then she went with me to Pendlebury. Preached on Matthew 24 this gospel &c. Full house. [] tea and returned. I found some oyster left by B[etsy] and C[hristiana] Crooks. (1)

-- May 8, 1840. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] Nothing particular at council meeting. John Bailey has been drunk again. To be visited again and if he will not repent to be cut off. I spake to the officers to be faithful and set a good example. Teach the church unity &c. Supper with E[llen] Battersby. She gave me a pint of porter. C[hristiana] Crooks gave me 1/- Betsy Crooks 2/- and sweets. (1)

-- May 9, 1840. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] Found Brother Taylor better. Supper with Cannons. Had a pint of warm Porter at R[]. (1)

-- May 12, 1840. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] Breakfast at Cannons. Went with Brother Taylor to see Sister Harrington. Took dinner and tea and returned to Brother Dumvills. (1)

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