History of the Word of Wisdom, Jan 20, 1840. Monday.

-- Jan 20, 1840. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] Br[eakfast] at T. Millers. Dinner at Sands and tea. Wrote a letter to Burslem. Sup[per] at T. Millers. Have prayed with 8 sick today. Have been much gratified with the brethrens conversations. S. Green gave me 2/-towards brethrens coach fare. Last week Sister Bewsher gave me new drawers. Have had a little talk with Brother Berry on teetot[alers]. (1)

-- Jan 24, 1840. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] ... Called at Brother Paul [Harris's]. Find him much grieved at Brother Jacksons conduct. It seems Brother Jackson has spoken false concerning him. He (Paul) still says that he put nothing in the wine after I had reproved him. He has only little work. But seems humble &c. Called at Sister M[ary] Ann Johnsons. Found her comfortable but very poor. Will try to do something for her. Called at Sister Whiss's. Find her better. Eliz[abeth] poorly. Took cocoa with Eliza. But I would rather not because they have it not to spare. If we did not Eliza would be grieved.... (1)

-- Jan 30, 1840. Thursday.
[William Clayton Journal] Dinner at Sister Greens. Ellen Battersby fetched me a pint of porter.... (1)

-- Feb 4, 1840
In England William Clayton writes, "Sarah Crooks gave me a pint of porter [porter's ale, a dark brown beer]" While Clayton has left his wife and family to go on a mission to England both he and Sarah Crooks wish they could be married to each other. (2)

-- Feb 4, 1840. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] Water at T. Millers. Talked with Sussanah Miller. She has no faith in the word of wisdom and has not kept it. She has not the same degree of knowledge which the other saints have. Loves her acquaintance in Babylon &c. She seemed better when we parted. (1)

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