History of the Word of Wisdom, Mar 28, 1840. Saturday.

-- Mar 28, 1840. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] Went to Brother [Thomas] Jennings. Met him on the road. He said his wife had not been fairly. Brother [Joseph] Jackson had not acted scripturally. I asked how. He answered the scriptures say if thy brother sin against thee tell him his fault alone &c. Yes I said but a public transgression required a public acknowledgment. He said he could not find it in scrip. I answered Paul says them that sin rebuke before all that others also may fear &c. He seemed rather stubborn and hard against Brother Jackson. His wife has been drunk and calling in the street in a very disgraceful manner. She had said to the effect that the L D S were L D devils &c. Brother J[ennings] wanted to cover it up and was not willing that his wife should make acknowledgment to the church. I went forward to see Sister J[ennings] and when I had been in a little while Brother Jackson came in. She seemed quite bitter against him because he had exposed her before the church and told all
the subject in [plain words]. I reasoned considerable with her and she seemed to grow milder. She said she had never had so much of the spirit since she joined the church as she had when among the ranters &c. (1)

-- Mar 30, 1840. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] Rebecca brought me raw egg in some red wine. Went to T. Millers to Dinner. Received a letter from Brother Fielding and one from Brother Woodruff. Sent one to Brother Alfred Cordon. Water at Hardmans. Went to Prestwich on Narrow lane. Preached on Revelations 14.6. Several are ready to be baptized. Sarah at the preaching house. Eliza Prince and Ann Jackson came to meet us and walked behind. Eliza seemed to be in a fret. Betsy Crooks and Dewsnup went with me. 6 baptized at Dukinfield yesterday, 5 at Manchester. My feet were very sore to[night]. Sarah washed them and gave me a pint of warm Porter. I lent her Book of Doc[trine] and Cov[enants]. (1)

-- Apr 1, 1840. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] To Bewsher's to Dinner. Brother Bewsher gave me more than a pint of Porter. Betsy Crooks gave me some figs. (1)

-- Apr 3, 1840. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] Dinner and Coffee at Sister Booth's. Sister Mary Aspen gave me £1 for a Bible and some raisins. (1)

-- Apr 6, 1840. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] Breakfast at Hardman's. Sent a letter to D[avid] Wilding. Dinner at T. Millers. Brother Fielding has been very sick. Water at T. Millers. Went to Pendlebury. Preached near an hour on the destruction of the gentiles &c. Got home at 11 o'clock. Supper with Sarah and Rebecca. They gave me a pint of Porter. Sarah washed my feet. (1)

1 - George D. Smith, An Intimate Chronicle; The Journals of William Clayton, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1995, http://amzn.to/william-clayton

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