History of the Word of Wisdom, May 19, 1844

-- May 19, 1844
[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, May 19th 1844 Cloudy morning. At home. Lyman Wight preached at the stand. Rain commenced about twelve. Bonney returned from the east. [several lines left blank]

Prayer Meeting at P.M. Was dispensed with. So muddy and rainy. About 12 men [and] 2 women attending.

Eve I talked a long time in the bar Room. Judge Phelps read my rejoinder to Clay. Esq[ui]r[e] Reid my old Lawyer present.

Fog[g]y and wet. "Maid of Iowa" has not arrived 10 o'clock. (1)

-- May 31, 1844
[Joseph Smith Diary] Friday, May 31st 1844 9 A.M. Ordered a capias to arrest T[homas] B. Johnson for threatening the peace of the city with Draggon [dragoon] &c. H. Hugins made affidavit but Johnson had gone.

10 A.M. Called at my office and wrote. 1 P.M. was called to see Sister Richards who was very sick. Laid on hands. Directed some Raspberry tea and she was better. [met with Council of Fifty]] 2 or 3 Indians stay in hall over night. [several lines left blank] Pleasant. (1)

-- Jun 1, 1844
"Drank a glass of beer at Moissers," reads an entry in Joseph Smith's manuscript diary in reference to Frederick G. Moesser's "grog shop," which Joseph had condemned in a sermon on Aug 12, 1843. When the manuscript history is published as HISTORY OF THE CHURCH this sentence is omitted without indication. (2)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, June 1st 1844 At home. Some gentle showers. 1 P.M. Rode out with Dr. Richards and O[rrin] P[orter] Rockwell called on Davis at the boat. /Paid Manhard $90.00/ Met G[eorge] J. Adams and paid him $50.00 to J[ohn] P. Green paid him and another bro[ther] $200.00 to [blank]. Excha[nge]d $100 Gold and a check. Drank a glass of beer at Moissers. Called at W[illia]m Clayton's while Dr. R[ichards] and Rockwell called at Dr. New House. Home 4 1/2 [P.M.]. ... (1)

-- Jun 6, 1844
[Joseph Smith Diary] Thursday, June 6th 1844 At home. About 9 [A.M.] ordered my carriage which stood at the door till near noon, while I read my letter to H[enry] Clay to many strangers in the bar room among whom was one who advocated for H[enry] Clay. I argued long to show the subject in its true light and showed him that no man could honestly vote for a man /like Clay/ who had violated his oath and not acted on constitutional principles.

About 12 [P.M.] 1/2 D[imick] B. Huntington come and said R[obert] D. Foster felt bad and he thought there was a chance for him to return if he could be reinstated in his office in the Legion &c. that he had all the anties affidavits &c. at his control. ! told him if he would return, withdraw all his suits &c. and do right he should be restored. Met Bro[ther] Richards coming from his garden with new potatoes. Told him to go to the High Council and have Bro[ther] Brown restored to the church and give him his licence. Rode out with several in my carriage an hour or so.

7 P.M. Heavy shower, thunder, lightning [and] rain and again about 9. (1)

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