History of the Word of Wisdom, 1847. July

-- During 1847. July
(George A. Smith) Five feet, ten inches tall, Smith weighed 250 pounds. An English traveler described him as "a huge, burly man, with a Friar Tuck joviality of paunch and visage, and a roll in his bright eye which, in some odd, undefined sort of way, suggested cakes and ale. He talked well, in a deep rolling voice, and with a dash of humour in his words and toneâ€"he it was who irreverently but accurately likened the Tabernacle to a land turtle." (1)

-- Aug 10, 1847. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] ... I acknowledge that I have had the privilege of riding in a wagon and sleeping in it, of having my victual cooked, and some meat and milk, and occasionally a little tea or coffee furnished. My flour I furnished myself.... (2)

-- Sep 7, 1847
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 7th The camps were all busy this morning in preparing to leave. ...The ground was coverd with snow which continued to fall untill evening. I took supper with Br Shirtliff. This Hundred prepared A feast for the whole Pioneer Camp & furnished A table Here in the wilderness In the most splendid manner for one hundred persons. More than that Number eat at the table & were filled with roast, & Broiled Beef, pies, Cakes, Bisket Butter, Peach sauce, Coffee, tea, Shugar, & a great variety of good things.... (3)

-- Sep 12, 1847
William Clayton writes: "Our bread stuff is now out and we have to live solely on meat the balance of the journey. John Pack has got flour enough to last him through. We have all messed together untill ours was eat up, and now John Pack proposes for each man to mess by himself. He has concealed his flour and beans together with tea, coffee, sugar &c. and cooks after the rest have gone to bed. Such things seem worthy of remembrance for a time to come." (4)

-- Sep 21, 1847
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... The old Chief then proposed that we smoke the pipe of peace, And also Said that if our chief pointing to President Young would go to their Camp they would smoke with him & give him up the Horses which his men had taken. But Brother Young did not feel well & we did not think it prudent for him to go.... (3)

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