History of the Word of Wisdom, Nov. 8, 1852

-- Nov. 8, 1852
... Pres[ident] Heber C. Kimball, Willard Richards, Tho[ma]s Bullock, W[illia]m C. Staines, James Ure, James W. Cummings, Samuel L. Sprague, W[illia]m W. Phelps, each with a wife met in the Temple room. The brethren annointed each other. The wives were annointed by Sister [Elizabeth Ann] Whitney and [Eliza R.] Snow; afterwards all partook of cakes and wine. Some spoke in tongues, etc. [Journal History, Nov. 8, 1852] (1)

-- Dec 6, 1852. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] Some of the other passengers being as anxious to get on shore as we were, at 4 o'clock this morning we got some of the hands to set us on shore in the yawl. After a toilsome journey, we arrived at Beaver Town at 6 o'clock. Altho' we had but a little over two miles to walk, the exertions to get up the long steep banks of the river, and having my trunk and other things to carry we felt pretty tired. From this place Brothers Walker and Harper, took the cars at half past 7 for Pittsburgh. We had to wait till 2 o'clock for the Youngstown Packet and after taking some bread and cheese and beer, we spent the time till 2 in walking round the town &c.... (2)

-- Jan 4, 1853. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...After the Officers had got through with us, we proceeded to Brother Cowley's Temperance Coffee House in Great Cross Hall Street, where we took up our abode for the time being. After eating dinner we went to the Bath House where we took a glorious scrubbing for about an hour. This with a change of clothing refreshed us very much. In the evening we went to the Office in Wilton Street, and spent a season with Brother S[amuel] W. Richards, taking some bread and cheese and Port Wine; after which we returned to Brother Cowley's and were soon comfortable in a warm bed. (2)

-- Jan 7, 1853. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] .... We went to Brother John Mellen's to tea. He appears to have settled down to stay in Preston and manifests but little desire to gather with the Saints. While here we were visited by John Halsal, who appears much the same as when we left him twelve years ago. (2)

-- Jan 26, 1853. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] .... I arrived in Liverpool about half past 8 and went direct to Wilton Street; but found to my sorrow that Brother Samuel had gone to a tea party and would not be home till after midnight. I then went to Brother Cowleys and after taking a little supper went to bed. (2)

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