History of the Word of Wisdom, Sep 5, 1856

-- Sep 5, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 5th President Young was about home most of the day also presidents Kimball & Grant. Brother Grant is doctoring Brother Thurston who is vary much afflicted with the Rheumatism. The following remedy is given for a Cure. Take a Cucumber about ripe. Cut out one side. Take the seeds out. Put in salt as much as the Juce will dissolve. Put it in an oven & bake it soft. Squ[ez?]es it all through a cloth. Rub the Juce on the parts Effected. Annother cure is given. Take sh[....]s oil, beefs gall, spirits of Terpentine & High wines mixed together & rub on the parts Effected. Is said to be a Cure Also brandy & soap rubed on hot. Also salt peter Oil & vinegar rubed on. I have tryed many of these without any good. I spent this day in the office on the History. (1)

-- Sep 27, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... Presidet Young said that Washa[peek?] the Indian chief had cut up [the] smoothest bad trick that I ever heard of. So Brother Robinson related the circumstances as follows: Washa[peek?] with several other Indians came in to his store & ordered him to give them some spirits. He told them He had none to sell. They undertook to get it by force & Robinson pulled them out of the Store. He went away & soon came back with 100 Indians & pulled Robinson up to the door & told him he must open the door & give him some liquor. So they forced him to open the door & deal out Liquor to them. The 100 Indians drank 20 gallons & all got drunk but behaved vary well. They offered to pay for the Liquor. He has been used to such sprees. Brother Robinson said that if he was to do the same over again He should present a pistol to him & try his luck at it. (1)

-- Dec 1, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I Called upon President Young at his office. He had been down to lay hands upon president J. M. Grant who lay vary low. His lungs appeared to fill & no power to raise any thing from his Lungs. It appeared as though he could not live but a short time unless there was a change soon for the better. He said he felt as though He wanted an apple some grapes or wine or sumthing upon his stomach. President Young sent him down some & they rosted an apple & he eat it about 12 oclok & seemed to relish it well. He also drank some butter milk which he relished well, but it seemed to be sumthing like a death Apetite....{President Jedediah Morgan Grant Died Dec 1st 1856; 20 minuts past 10 oclok PM. Aged 40 years 9 months & 7 days.}... (1)

-- During 1856
[Nauvoo] Dissension split up the Icarians and they moved out in groups. In the next few years, the Icarians were gone. Early 1860s: A group of German settlers took over the city and established a thriving wine industry. (2)

-- Feb 7, 1857
[Brigham Young Letter] Wm. A. Hickman, -- You must recollect your instructions here that the men in your employ and all other hands upon the route must be men of good character no drinking of liquor, or swearing will be allowed on the route by our hands. (3)

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